Darkly Divine

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Darkly Divine: A Vampire Romance

It is said that fate is written in the stars, but ours was written in blood. Ablaze is what I feel every time Micah so much as looks my way, because he is dark, otherworldly, and alluring. Irresistible is the pull between us–taut, yet unbreakable–and it binds us to one another despite our efforts to deny its presence. Black and blue is the color of my skin because my mother doesn’t keep her hands to herself. Shattered is the state of my heart because she is all that I have left, and she doesn’t love me. No control is what I have, because in all things I am powerless. It seems I’m to be forever at the mercy of others. This is my story, and it’s one of violence and darkness, but it’s also one of love and light.

Darkly Divine: A Vampire Romance

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