Daddy Wolf’s Reluctant Blind Date

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Daddy Wolf's Reluctant Blind Date: (Prospect Shifter Daddy Mates)

Moving to a new town meant running away from my old habit – being with hot men that are absolutely wrong for me.

And yet, I went on a blind date with a single dad ranch owner I saw no future with.

Grant’s five-year-old son was the best thing about him.

Or so I thought.

My decision to sabotage the date went out the window when I let him hold me close.

I caught myself wanting something deeper – maybe everything with him.

But Grant’s life didn’t allow for another woman.

And we had enemies that would do everything in their power to keep us from falling in love.

My life was in danger and I was the only one to blame for it.

And Grant was the only person who could save me.

That would show me a side of him that I may never be able to accept.

Especially since that secret cost his late wife her life…

Daddy Wolf's Reluctant Blind Date: (Prospect Shifter Daddy Mates)



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