Daddy Wolf’s First Love

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Daddy Wolf's First Love: (Prospect Shifter Daddy Mates)

As a single dad, I’m yearning for a second chance to be with the only woman I’ve ever truly loved. But will my foolishness be forgiven? Afterall, I let her slip away.

In the small town of Prospect, Montana, Scarlett is seeking a fresh start after her ex-husband nearly killed her. Every time we cross paths, my blood starts pumping, and my wolf shifter instincts cannot ignore her magnetic pull.

While my single dad friends have married and moved on, I remain tethered to my ranch—longing for the one who got away. I’d give anything to have my one and only back in my arms…and my bed.

An opportunity arises for me to take part in a little piece of Scarlett’s world—as a volunteer at a horse shelter. Our bond slowly grows, but its delicate.

Then, a weekend excursion together puts everything on the line as details from Scarlett’s harrowing past emerges and my identity as a shifter is revealed. Now our fate hangs on the line as only time will tell if our love is resilient enough to withstand the truth.

Daddy Wolf's First Love: (Prospect Shifter Daddy Mates)



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