Circus of Beasts

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Circus of Beasts: Bear Shifter Romance (Mountain Magic Book 2)

My clan of bear shifters warned me never to trust humans. But I had to see it for myself. I leave Olympia Forest and head out to the big city. I want to live how humans live. I want to see their world. My adventure gets cut short when a con man sees my golden eyes and captures me. He forces me to join his circus. Night after night, I shift into my bear form on command for his freak show. My curiosity turns to hate. My clan was right. I swear to never trust humans again. Until I meet Bradley. He’s a man with a rugged body and kind eyes. He treats me with more compassion than I’m used to. He might be the key to my freedom…and the one thing I’ve been looking for all along.

Circus of Beasts: Bear Shifter Romance (Mountain Magic Book 2)



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