Broken & Betrayed

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Broken & Betrayed (Shifters & Fae Book 1)

Everything I believed is a lie … I was taught the importance of keeping the bloodline of our bear shifter plan pure. So when my fiancé turns out to be a hybrid shifter, I do the only thing I can—I reject him. Except I discover my father wasn’t so troubled about purity after all when I run into my Fae hybrid half sister. After revealing my father’s infidelity, he banishes me. I’m left with nothing. No family. No clan. No home. A dragon shifter takes me in. Gives me a job and a place to stay and offers to help me find my half sister again. Our attraction burns hot and fierce, but I know giving in would be a terrible idea for so many reasons … He’s a dragon. He’s my boss. He’s the only one helping me at all I’ve already lost everything once. If I give in to our attraction, will I risk losing everything again?

Broken & Betrayed (Shifters & Fae Book 1)



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