Blood Demand

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Blood Demand: Vampire Paranormal Romance (Royal Covens Book 1)

Every one hundred and twenty-five years the four sinfully sexy ruling coven lords choose a new concubine from the human population. They handpick a woman based on blood type, often looking for one with the rarest blood type in the world: AB-negative. Too bad I was born with it. . . My blood is both gold and poison. It was easy to stay hidden until my twenty-fifth birthday, but from that year forward every human on the planet is required to donate blood once per month. For me, that dreadful date is in two days. All I can do is resist their pull by fighting against them with everything I have. . . Because as soon as the coven leaders have me locked between their bloodied hands, I know they’ll never let me go.

Blood Demand: Vampire Paranormal Romance (Royal Covens Book 1)



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