Black Lotus

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Black Lotus: A New Beginning: The Reincarnation Series: Book 1

What would you sacrifice for one more chance with the one you love? The past and the present collide when an antiquities thief travels to Alaska to a steal a cursed jewel said to be guarded by a vampire. A heated encounter with a legend leaves Sophia Daniels breathless, setting her on a course she never expected while memories from another life taunt her mind. The Black Knight rises to reclaim the woman stolen from him by death. A chance encounter, blood, and heartache converge to reveal the truth, only to find her life once again in the clutches of danger. Vampire Cassius Maxim is desperate to save her from death and find a way to earn a second chance with the woman he’s loved for centuries. Death looms on the edge of darkness even as desire threatens to consume them both. Can the thief and the vampire escape the past, and love…again?

Black Lotus: A New Beginning: The Reincarnation Series: Book 1



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