Bear Heroes of New York

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Bear Heroes of New York : A Big City Rescue Romance Box Set

I knew I was in trouble when the stairs shook during my escape. I knew I was dead when an impossibly gorgeous firefighter appeared to save me. That strong square jawline looked like the face of a perfectly carved statue, The deep brown eyes were lively and dark, like a forest at night. Assuming that my soot covered savior was just another person in my past, I had no idea that my own personal problems would reunite us. Soon enough, he was saving me again, but this time my injuries were no accident. Then his brother exposed my dirty secret, who my family really is. Instead of running from me, he held me close, His warmth and comfort making me realize I didn’t want him to fade into my past. But he has a secret even darker than mine; he comes from a bear shifter family And he’s decided that I’m the only mate for him.

Bear Heroes of New York : A Big City Rescue Romance Box Set

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