Alien’s Power

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Alien's Power: A SciFi Alien Romance

The hot alien just happen to be in the right place at the right time to rescue me. Delaina works in a small dive serving drinks and food for the weary alien travelers. Since the crash landing on Reazus Prime, she’s forged a simple survival living life day by day. That is until Carx shows up. The green alien kidnaps her from her comfortable simple life! The crazy thing is how did he know there would be a natural disaster coming which would have killed her. She still doesn’t believe in fate, even though he insists on it. She escapes his clutches only to end up in a worse situation. Carx will do anything to win the affections of the stubborn terrain who stole his heart and activated the visions. If only he could find her.

Alien's Power: A SciFi Alien Romance



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