Alien’s Beauty

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Alien's Beauty: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Galactic Fairytales Book 1)

Claws don’t make a beast. Beauty doesn’t make a person. Kidnapped by the Aurani prince, Ada Alvarez has one chance to survive her captor: pretend she’s as precious as he believes. The horned beast who captures her cares little for Ada’s beauty. Robbed of his birthright by her father, Prince Kerien knows only ugliness and deceit hides underneath her soft skin and gentle curves. With the power core of his ship dying and the survival of his people at stake, Ada’s exchange for ransom is inevitable. Kerien never expects to find beauty underneath the facade of Ada’s studied smiles. Or a sincere care for his people. Never did he expect to care for a human female worthy of a kingdom.

Alien's Beauty: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Galactic Fairytales Book 1)



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