A Cursed Prophecy

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My alpha hates me. He sees me as a bad omen. I blame the witch who breezed through town a couple of years before I entered this world, staying just long enough to drop a prophecy bomb. It was no big deal until my first shift. Instead of turning into the expected wolf, I changed into a black dog who carries around her own personal storm system. You’d have thought I was a full-blood demon. I’m sure that if I leave, my alpha and his horrible son will just find someone else to torment. If I stay, they’ll kill me eventually. I have no choice but to make a deal with a stranger. Ryder Callahan. Mr. TDS—Tall, Dark, and Stormy. We make a deal. He agrees to help me with my alpha problem—in exchange for my helping him. I decided to leave out one small detail. My lack of control over my arcana—my magic. I don’t have the power to help anybody, least of all the strong, sexy dragon shifter who makes me feel gorgeous and safe. But the more I’m around him, the more I’m falling for him. I only hope I can keep my end of the bargain.

A Cursed Prophecy (The Arcana Pack Chronicles Book 1)



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