Romance Audiobooks: Top Five You Should Try

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Get cozy through the holiday with these romance audiobooks.

This story starts with the lead character (Valerie) losing her job, apartment, and boyfriend. Her sisters invited her to stay with them in Ireland, and since she had nothing to lose, she said yes. Upon arriving in Ireland, she met this hot gentleman in a club. She couldn’t resist him, so she approached the guy and asked him out. However, the guy turned her down.

On New Year's eve, they met again and then had a one-night stand. After an intense erotic session, the guy (Padraig McCarthy), who happened to be one of the nation's top rugby players, asked her to come with him to visit his ailing dad, whose wish was to see his son with a companion and pose as his finance to give his dad peace of mind.

She agreed to the proposition from Padraig after consulting her sisters. During the visitation, Valerie discovers that Padraig's life wasn't as perfect as it might seem, and that he also had demons he was facing. 

The main theme of the book is about two broken people who fell in love and then helped each other heal.

Mister Bodyguard is part of a four-book series, which is also a stand-alone. 

This story revolves around a bodyguard, Zander, and his boss who was a famous female musician. Before being employed, he was warned by his agency to protect and do as the musician says with the only exception being a booty call. His agency's boss promised to rip his balls off if he even touches the musician. 

He went to tell his friends about his job as well as the terms and conditions that followed. One of his friends thought Zander would break the terms and conditions within the first month and decided to challenge Zander to a bet.

Zander was poised to stay professional and ensured that he would win the bet, but then upon setting his eyes on the stunning beauty of the musician and after a couple of interactions, it seemed Zander would have to lose his bet, and probably violate the terms set by his agency's boss.

As a kid, Molly had a crush on Noah Griffin. However, Noah didn't like her back then. Butl 10 years later, Noah got signed with one of the country's big football clubs, the Washington Wolves. Molly, on the other hand, used to work for the front office, where she was asked to cover a documentary on Noah to get a promotion.

Even though she hated Noah due to their childhood issues, she had to find a way to work with him. And to make things worse, Noah grew up to become a grump, causing both parties to be at variance. Molly had to find a way to ignore Noah's grumpy attitude. However, the hatred grew stronger during each interaction they had until it eventually turned into love. But it was strictly against company policy for employees to have a relationship. Knowing what was at stake, Molley and Noah had to decide what to risk – their love for each other or their jobs.

This is the first in the book of the Camorra series. This is a mafia love storybook, which revolves around Fabiano who was the last born of his three sisters, who together with their dad were a part of the Chicago Outfit. Fabiano's sisters eventually quit the Outfit, and his dad disowned him to fend for himself.

With him all by himself, he had to find a way to survive by joining the Camorra, a mafia in Las Vegas. As a member of the infamous group, he rose quickly through the ranks to become an enforcer in the mafia, making him one of the most dangerous men in Las Vegas. 

His life later intertwined with that of Leona, whose aim was to build a life of her own. She would stop at nothing until she had something to herself. While focusing on achieving her dreams, she met Fabiano, who fell in love with her and will do all it takes to get Leona to be his.

On the flip side, the love Fabiano had for Leona was making him lose focus on his position in the Camorra, and now he had to decide who to love –Leona or the Camorra.

To wrap up our list, we have Forget Me Not, which is a story about a man named Bennet, who was married to Olivia. 

Bennet cheated on Olivia, and they were about a few months from finalizing their divorce. Well, one day Olivia received a call that Bennet was involved in an accident. Upon recovery, the doctors, together with Olivia, realized that he had amnesia. This caused him to forget that he cheated on his wife and that his marriage was on the brink of divorce. The only thing he remembered was how he and his wife were head-over-heels for each other.

Olivia had to figure out how to handle the mess of dealing with Bennet, who stayed with his new girlfriend but then had no memory of her, and also, to ensure that she didn’t lose the bond she was building with the new guy she was seeing. 

Love romantic stories? Try these five romance audiobooks, and fall in love all over again. 

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