Best WW2 Audiobooks (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

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14 Best WW2 Audiobooks

Trying to find the best WW2 audiobooks? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a collection that you’re going to love featuring both fiction and non-fiction books.

The Black Orchestra: A WW2 Spy Thriller

The Black Orchestra: A WW2 Spy Thriller: Black Orchestra Series, Book 1

JJ Toner, et al.

Kurt Muller is faced with a difficult decision that starts when he discovers a colleague lying dead over his radio receiver. The police have called it a suicide, but Kurt isn’t convinced that’s what happened. While he’s out trying to prove what really happened, he comes across atrocities that prove how evil the Nazi regime is and bring him face-to-face with the German resistance. It is only then that he has to decide between love and death, duty and conscience, country and family, making this one decision no one should have to make.


We Die Alone: A WW2 Epic of Escape and Endurance

We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance

David Howarth

Based on a true story, this is the tale of a man who becomes the lone survivor of a Nazi ambush. He escapes into the wilds of the Alps, and it is there that he has to rely on a series of ordinary heroes so that he can survive an avalanche, frostbite, a gunshot sound, and a group of Nazis who are out to get him. It is a well-written story that shares the true tales of a man who knows how to keep up a good fight until the very end.

Even if you’ve heard the story of Jan Baalsrud, this story gives you a lot more details and helps you get into this amazing man’s mind so you can see firsthand what he went through during his struggles.


Hungary in World War II: Caught in the Cauldron

Hungary in World War II: Caught in the Cauldron

Deborah S. Cornelius

If you want to know about Hungary’s true involvement in World War II, this is the book for you. Much like Germany, Hungary suffered significant losses during World War I, so when they joined forces with Nazi Germany at the beginning of World War II, they felt they were on the right path. 

Not much attention has been given to Hungary during this world war, but this book goes into detail to tell an amazing story of desperation and redemption. That Hungary had tumultuous times during the second world war is something most people already know, but this book is there to answer the question of why they did so.


The Nugget: A Novel

The Nugget: A Novel (P. T. Deutermann WWII Novels)

PT Deutermann

Created by a master storyteller, this novel tells the story of a novice navy aviator during World War II who cheats death at Pearl Harbor and loses a friend during the attack. Afterwards, Lieutenant Bobby Steele vows to take revenge for this act of cowardice. The story is filled with authentic military action both on land and at sea, and it features a protagonist who is actually based on a real-life person.

Lt. Steele is fresh-faced when he first joins the navy, but after Pearl Harbor he is all set to gain the experience he needs to do what he feels is necessary after this terrible attack.


The Ragged Edge of Night

The Ragged Edge of Night

Olivia Hawker

It is Germany, 1942, and Anton has seen his school seized by the Nazis. He settles in a small town where he agrees to marry Elisabeth so that she can have a husband and a father for her three children. Soon, he decides to join a resistance group that has plans to assassinate Hitler. However, when the SS discovers the group and goes after them, Anton has to fight for his survival to do what he feels is right.

Torn between his ever-growing love for his family and his desire to help end the Nazi regime, he is risking it all for something he knows is the right thing to do. But will he survive? And what will Elisabeth do as it all plays out?




Stan Poel

Jenny is a college student who develops a bond with a young Jewish man in 1940 Holland. Their life is peaceful until Hitler invades their country, then Jenny and Marten are on a quest to save as many of their Jewish neighbors and friends as they can. The two join the Dutch resistance, but with the Gestapo closing in on them, they have to make some difficult choices to do what they know in their hearts is right.

This is a tale of suspense and a tension-filled book that will fill you with both anguish and hope until the very end.


Playing with Matches: Coming of Age in Hitler’s Germany

Playing with Matches: Coming of Age in Hitler's Germany (a WW2 novel).

Lee Strauss

A gripping novel that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end, this is the story of resistance fighters who intercept news stories of the war from BBC and try to distribute flyers with the information to the rest of the city, which is considered treason in World War II Germany. This is the story of true bravery and coming of age in a horrible world that most people cannot imagine.

Join Emil, Johann, Moritz, and Katharina as they go through their young lives in a tumultuous world and discover how they finally make it through this horrible time in history.



Raiders: World War Two True Stories by Ross Kemp (2012-10-25)

Ross Kemp

In Raiders, six of Britain’s bravest battles are described in tense-filled, but brutally honest detail: Operation Judgement, Operation Archery, Operation Biting, Operation Gunnerside, Operation Chariot, and Operation Deadstick. From a demolition assault on Hitler’s atomic bomb plant in Norway to Britain’s amphibious attack on the Normandie dry dock in German-occupied France, these are battles you’ll never forget – important battles that led to the successful end of World War II.

Daring missions that show true bravery, this is one story you won’t be able to forget.


Snippets in Time


SR Mallery

In addition to World War II, Mallery presents excerpts from her books on various wars, and describes through these snippets details about the conflicts that most people are unaware of. The book includes short stories and tales about a Nazi spy romance thriller, as well as tales from the Civil War and 1926 Old Hollywood. The excerpts keep the book interesting and share with listeners some of the best parts of her past writings.


Into the Sky: A Fictional World War II Tale

Into the Sky: A Fictional WWII Tale

Lawrence He, et al.

In 1939 Poland, a young boy sets out to join the Royal Air Force so that he can do his part to eliminate Hitler. The story describes his adventures, which include a fiction-based-on-fact tale of the Battle of Britain, the Bombing of London, the Siege of Warsaw, and the Dunkirk Evacuation. If you love to learn about World War II and love airplanes, this book is for you.

Though fictional, the book touches on some real-life events that made a dramatic difference in the second world war, and it is an educational as well as entertaining tale.


Never Say Goodbye: A True Story

Never Say Goodbye: A True Story

Robert Gerard Anstey

This book will make you laugh and cry because it features true stories of real people who were brave enough to put everything on the line, including their lives, to protect the world from an evil dictator. It includes the story of an American soldier and a British woman who struggle to find courage in a very uncertain world, and it makes you proud to be part of the human race.

The book is also about many of the brave men and women – truck drivers, welders, plumbers, and shopkeepers – who put their lives on hold to fight the war, and it is a story you will never forget.


The Holocaust Sites of Europe: A Historical Guide

The Holocaust Sites of Europe: An Historical Guide

Martin Winstone

If you’re a history buff and interested in educating yourself further about the Holocaust, this is a great book to add to your collection. It gives you details of the most significant Holocaust sites throughout Europe, and it gives you the history and practical information you need on each of these sites. Well-organized and educational, it is the perfect addition to any World War II collection.

Learn more about the Holocaust with this comprehensive guide that is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn about this atrocious event in history.


Tanks of the Second World War

The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won

Thomas Anderson

This is a great book to have if you love tanks, because it provides great details about World War II tanks used by the Allied – England, France, Russia, and the USA; and the Axis powers – Germany, Japan, and Italy. It’s an in-depth, very detailed book that describes their technical specifications and even their uses in battle, along with descriptions of eyewitness accounts that will automatically bring these tanks to life through the descriptions.


Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel

Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel

Mark Sullivan

Pino is a typical Italian teenager who just wants to stay out of the war. When his family’s home is destroyed by Allied bombs, however, he joins an underground movement to help Jews find their way to safety in the Alps, where he falls in love with a widow named Anna who is six years his senior. Soon, he enlists in the German army and becomes the right-hand man to one of Hitler’s commanders, where he comes up with the idea of being a spy.

The fact that Pino is so young makes this story even more intriguing, and listeners will be on the edge of their seat to hear what happens next.


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