Top 15 Best Detective Audiobooks

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Trying to find the best detective audiobooks that will keep keep you engaged and interested? Check out these top 15 options below for your listening pleasure…

The Best Detective Audiobooks

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Alexander McCall Smith

A lady named Precious has set up a detective agency in Botswana, and at first business is slow. But soon, cases start coming her way and her business starts thriving. These include married people trying to find out if their spouses are cheating, families trying to locate their missing family members, and even people who believe friends or family members are being poisoned. In the meantime, Precious has to handle her personal life along with her cases, and it’s up to the reader to decide which one of these is more interesting!


Jack-Knifed: Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Thriller, Book 2

Jack Knifed: Detective Jack Stratton Mystery-Thriller, Book 2

Christopher Greyson

This is a heart-wrenching mystery-thriller about a detective named Jack Stratton and his partner Alice, who travel to Hope Falls to solve a mystery that occurred before he was even born. It is a story that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, and it combines lost love, betrayal, and of course, murder. The citizens of the town were convinced that no one would ever look into the murder of Steven Ritter, but they were wrong. Jack is as determined to solve this mystery as he is to find out why a lost love is still so important to him after all these years.


Rebekah – Girl Detective, Books 1-8, Fun Short Story Mysteries

Rebekah - Girl Detective Books 1-8: Fun Short Story Mysteries

P.J. Ryan

This is a set of eight books about Rebekah and her sidekick and best friend Mouse, who set out to solve more than just a few of the mysteries going on in their town. Rebekah is a spunky nine-year-old living in the small town of Curtis Bay and is better at solving mysteries than most adult detectives are, and these books will show you why. Perfect for “kids” of all ages, not just grade-schoolers.


The Bones She Buried

The Bones She Buried: A Completely Gripping, Heart-Stopping Crime Thriller: Detective Josie Quinn, Book 5

Lisa Regan

Josie Quinn shows up at her partner’s mother’s house because the mother is dead, and now Josie has to figure out who killed her. She also finds out that the mother, Colette, had a file on a missing person named Drew and that she was one of the last people to see Drew before he disappeared. She has a hard time believing that Colette could be involved in what happened to Drew, and she also wonders how the murder of Drew’s brother is part of the mystery that she’s trying to solve. This is a nail-biting detective mystery you won’t be able to put down.


Her Dark Heart: Detective Gina Harte, Book 5

Her Dark Heart: Detective Gina Harte, Book 5

Carla Kovach

Susan is a divorced mother of three who vanishes one day, leaving her mother and her sister, Clare, to worry about what happened to her. The hours turn into days and Clare gets ahold of Susan’s diary, and that’s when things get even more challenging. In the diary, Susan writes about family secrets no one knew about, and when the diary leads detectives to a man who turns up dead, everyone is left to wonder whether Susan left because she is a victim … or because she’s now a suspect.


The Girl in the Ice

The Girl in the Ice: Detective Erika Foster Crime Thriller, Book 1

Robert Bryndza

Erika Foster is a detective called on to solve the murder of a socialite who is found in the ice near a South London park. When she digs deeper into the crime, she finds the socialite’s life wasn’t like most people suspected it was. She also finds a similarity to the murders of three young prostitutes, and as the killer closes in on her, she is in a race against time to find out what happened. Let’s just hope this investigation doesn’t go as poorly as the last one did, because that one had Erika’s husband killed.


Where Angels Fear

Where Angels Fear: An Addictive Crime Thriller with a Gripping Twist (Detectives Kane and Alton, Book 5)

D.K. Hood

Jenna Alton is a detective trying to figure out who has been luring people into danger on a certain highway – an act where only one person, Ella Tate, has ever come back from alive. Eventually her investigation leads her to an old, creepy-looking building on the other side of town, but is Jenna ready for what is inside of this building and what it will tell her about her investigation? This is a true nail-biter that will have you looking forward to what is written on the next page.


The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card: Jarvis Mann Detective, Book 1

R. Weir

Jarvis Mann is a detective handling mostly mundane cases, until someone calls on him to find out who stole a very valuable baseball card. Jarvis combs through the Denver neighborhood with the young lad whose card is missing and finds out a few things he didn’t expect to deal with, revealing one man’s pain and another’s act of self-sacrifice. One experienced detective. Two teenage boys. And they all have something to learn from one another in this edge-of-your-seat novel.


The Missing Ones

The Missing Ones: Detective Lottie Parker, Book 1

Patricia Gibney

Lottie Parker is a detective working on the case of a woman found dead in a cathedral and a man hanging from a tree – both with an unusual tattoo which makes Lottie think the two cases are connected. When the case leads her to a former children’s home, it becomes personal because it has a connection to her own past. Right as she links the murders to a decades-old murder, two teenage boys go missing. She’s beginning to connect the dots, but can she solve this case before the lives of her own children are put in danger?


Front Page Fatality

Front Page Fatality: A Nichelle Clarke Crime Thriller, Book 1

LynDee Walker

When two cops are killed in a crash, crime reporter Nichelle Clarke starts to investigate the incident. Soon, however, it appears to be more than just an accident, and when both people and evidence start to disappear, Nichelle becomes even more convinced that something isn’t right. The deeper she digs, the closer she feels the killer is to finding her, and it soon becomes a race against time to determine if she will be able to solve the murder before she becomes the next murder victim herself. A story that will draw you in from the very beginning.


Murder at the Mousetrap

Murder at the Mousetrap: Bunburry - A Cosy Mystery Series 1

Helena Marchmont

After suffering a personal tragedy, Alfie retreats to a quiet place in London for what he hopes is some rest and relaxation, but that is far from what he gets. Shortly after his arrival, amateur detectives Liz and Marge enlist his help in solving a mystery that Alfie was totally unprepared for. His relaxation trip is anything but, and he uncovers a story of jealousy, murder, hatred, and passion, and even a little bit of humor. This is a book you’ll thoroughly enjoy from the first page to the last and one you’ll likely read more than once.


Murder on the Oxford Canal

Murder on the Oxford Canal: DI Hillary Greene Series, Book 1

Faith Martin

Detective Hillary Greene is dealing with two major happenings in her life: the death of her husband that left her under suspicion for corruption and a broken body that was just found floating on the Oxford Canal. Everyone assumes the man fell off a boat and drowned, but Hillary isn’t so sure. As she delves further into the mystery, her personal life comes back to haunt her, leaving her wondering if she will make it both professionally and personally without losing her faculties.


True Blue Detective

True Blue Detective: True Blue Detective Series, Book 1

Vito Zuppardo

If you love detective stories and New Orleans, this is the book for you. Zack is a former police detective now living in a nursing home to help his son care for his daughter-in-law. Along the way, Zack, his roommate Dave, and two Southern women band together to tour New Orleans, enjoy the great food offered there, and solve a few crimes along the way. Their escapades are far from average, and the story contains mystery, unique characters, Southern charm, and international black market sales. A must-read for anyone who loves a good detective story, especially one that takes place in the Deep South.


Murder in Black Tie

Murder in Black Tie: High Society Lady Detective

Sara Rosett

In 1923, a high-society party ends in tragedy and a young man named Peter becomes the main suspect. Peter’s cousin Olivia is determined to find out the truth before Peter is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Filled with black ties, top hats, and mansions, this is the last place you’d expect to experience events such as these, but Olivia promises Peter that she will get to the bottom of it, regardless of what she has to do to get him off the hook. A standalone novel in the High Society Lady Detective series.


The Vinyl Detective

Written in Dead Wax: The Vinyl Detective, Book 1

Andrew Cartmel

He describes himself as the vinyl detective, but only because he specializes in rare and hard-to-find LPs. When a lovely, but mysterious woman comes to him and asks him to find a priceless recording that has been lost, he can’t turn her down because she is offering him a lot of money to complete the task. But along the way he finds himself in deep water more than once, causing him to wonder if it was the right move to try and help this woman. A must-read for anyone who loves a good old-fashioned mystery!


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