Best Audiobooks: Five Good Reads to Discover

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Check out the best audiobooks you don't want to miss! We have researched and gathered the best audiobooks with the best storylines and narrators that will keep you glued and yearning for more.

The Plot

Pip was a final-year high school student who decided to take on a closed criminal case as her final-year project. She felt the prior investigation was inadequate, and she could prove the innocence of a high schooler, Sal Singh, who was accused of murdering his girlfriend and then killing himself. Pip believed that Sal wasn't the perpetrator, and when she started the investigation, she realized she might be right about her suspicions. 

However, someone in Fairview heard about the reexamining of the closed case and was angry as to the rumored findings, and wouldn't stop at anything to ensure Pip doesn't solve the case.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, this book might be something you want to read. The setting of this book dates back to the late 90s in Alaska.

The Plot

The storyline revolves around a man named Ernt Allbright, his wife Cora, and his daughter Leni. Cora is head-over-heels for Ernt, and she blindly followed him anywhere he went.

Ernst returned from the Vietnam war, and upon struggling to land a job, he decided to move to Alaska, where his army friend left him some property with his family. Cora, being completely in love with her husband, was excited to go on this journey. However, on the journey to make it to North Alaska, they realized that things began to go south as they seemed unprepared for this journey and relocation.

Anxious people tells the story of a group of people going to an open house for an apartment they seemed interested in. Unfortunately for them, a bank-armed robber who failed on his mission and was running away from arrest burst into the apartment they were checking out and decided to hold the participants of the open house hostage since he wanted to use them as bargaining chips and since he also feared that the participants might snitch on him.

The hostages included people from various walks of life who had their struggles of life and somewhat wanted to be not only rescued from their captivity but also their personal life issues.

The story does a great job of letting readers visualize the tolls and struggles the hostages went through as well as how being held hostage freed certain people off secrets they promised to hold for a lifetime.

Note: This book highlights sensitive mental health issues, and if you do have certain things that trigger your mental health, then you may want to skip reading this book. 

Normal People is a contemporary book with a sprinkle of romance. 

Coming from the same small town, Connell and Marianne shared no similarities when they were in school. In school, Cornell was the cool, handsome teenager everyone liked, while Marianne was the kid from a rich yet abusive home. She was always by herself, a 'loner' as many people would call it. Cornell's mom worked as a housekeeper for Marianne's home.

The Plot

One day, Cornell and Marianne had a conversation that started a sexual relationship between them. Fast forward, both of them graduated from high school, and coincidentally, both of them got into the same college (Trinity College). However, this time around, things took a turn, and Marianne found herself hanging with the coolest kids in college, while Connell became the loner who was uncertain about how to get through college.

Even though they both try to avoid each other's path while in college, the relationship they had back in high school seemed to bring them together in an unexpected way. Both characters took different paths, but then they needed to find a way to save each other as each individual went through different phases of life.

His and Hers tells the story of an estranged couple who lived in the English town of Blackdown.

The Plot

Anna Andrews was a BBC broadcaster and the estranged wife of Detective Jack Harper. Anna got to know about a murder case, but then she didn’t seem to want to broadcast or report the murder. This got detective Harper intrigued and suspicious about Anna's involvement in the murder, so he decided to investigate the case. Upon starting investigations on the case, Harper realized that he was accused as a prime suspect in the murder he had taken upon himself. However, out of the two prominent suspects (Harper and Anna), one was lying and would do whatever it takes to keep this murder a secret.

Reading these five finest audiobooks is likely to offer you a wonderful time, whether you simply want to read or listen to an intriguing narrative or if you want to improve your reading speed, broaden your vocabulary, and raise your fluency.

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