Our Editorial Process

It took us lots of brainstorming and trials and errors to develop our systematic and thorough editorial process to provide you with only the best collection, whether that be books, audiobooks, or gear items. This process involves four steps:

  1. Through Researching
  2. Systematic Categorization
  3. Careful Writing and Editing
  4. Continuous Updating of Previous Articles

Thorough Researching

The first step involves searching for highly recommended and top-rated fictional novels, audiobooks, and gear items on the market, especially from our affiliate partners.

We then read verified customer reviews to have a good idea of what the readers, listeners, or users have to say about the products. For the gear items, we look into their specs and features to check if they meet our standards or criteria.

Systematic Categorization

Suppose we find the books and audiobooks worthy of being included on our lists based on our research. In that case, we categorize them according to the sub-genre they belong to. We also categorize gear items based on specific features common to them, such as ergonomics for chairs and tables.

Doing so ensures you can easily and quickly identify which among our reviews you need to read. You won’t have to click on every article just to find the specific gear feature or title sub-genre you are looking for at the moment.

All you need to do is look at the article’s title and find the keyword or main word related to the specific type of product you want.

Careful Writing and Editing

When we write an overview of the books and audiobooks, we don’t simply rely on customer reviews. We have a team of qualified book reviewers who are also experienced writers.

Our experts will read or skim and scan through each of the books we include on our lists and then write about what you expect from them without giving too much detail that can take the fun away.

The same goes when we write reviews of our gear item. Together with the writers, we try them out to see if they match what previous users say and what the brand claims they can offer. We share our own experiences with the product, and then the writers will curate an objective review based on the collective experience.

Once the writers are done with the reviews and overviews, our team of editors will give them a good pass. They check and correct any typos and grammatical errors and do a quick fact check.

When it comes to our buying guides, we only include the best features you need to consider so that you can pick the right product that matches your specific needs.

Continuous Updating of Previous Articles

We’re aware that brands sometimes discontinue manufacturing their products for certain reasons, such as upgrading. Likewise, the product, book, or audiobook becomes unavailable or out of stock for quite some time or has a broken URL.

Whichever the case, we have a team that regularly checks the products’ availability. If they’re unavailable and there’s no sign of them becoming available anytime soon, we remove them from our list.

Then, we add another product in the same category, following the entire Fiction Obsessed editorial process. Doing so will ensure you don’t waste your time reading our reviews and overviews and end up disappointed because you can’t purchase the product you’ve become interested in.

The Fiction Obsessed editorial process assures you will always find updated lists of carefully chosen fictional novels, taped books, and reading- or audiobook-listening gear items.

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