About Fiction Obsessed

Fiction Obsessed is a website created by a fictional romance story lover for fellow fiction lovers and bookworms. It is also a perfect place for authors or writers.

Not only are we like a library with a systematic or organized catalog system that makes your search for the right book and audiobook more convenient. We also have something in store for those who need specific items to make reading and audiobook listening more relaxing.

Authors, especially those just starting to attract or build an audience, will find that Fiction Obsessed is a great platform where they can publish and promote their digital books or eBooks.

So, what would you really expect from us? Here’s a detailed but concise look at who we are:

A Site Full of Carefully Selected Novels and Audiobooks

As a website primarily focused on making the lives of fiction lovers easier, Fiction Obsessed has a list of highly recommended romance novels and audiobooks for every interest. From sci-fi and paranormal, action and suspense, to LGBTQ and interracial romance, you’ll definitely find one or more fictional titles that will pique your interest.

After all, we don’t just list whatever romance novels and taped books we find. They also go through our thorough editorial process to ensure you only get the best in each category. You will also have a good idea of what to expect from the material without spoiling the nitty and gritty parts.

We’re here to ensure that you will no longer blindly open a book or play an audiobook just to realize the story plot isn’t something you consider interesting. Something not worth binging into during your most precious time of the day or week—me time!

You can be sure you won’t waste any of your time, whether you only spare an hour or two every day or spend four to six hours on one or both days of the weekend. Flipping through the pages of a book or listening to a taped book we recommend will always be a fun adventure.

With Fiction Obsessed, we’re confident you will pick a book and audiobook that will tickle your mind. Better yet, you’ll find one that will transport you into a different world to help with your stress or boredom and those nights when you can’t seem to calm your mind.

More Than Just Books and Audiobooks

As readers and audiobook listeners ourselves, we know that combining the right title you decide to splurge on with the right gear will make immersing in the fictional world easier and more fun.

This experience is something we all want, especially after a hard day at work or when you’re killing time while riding the bus, train, or plane.

Fiction Obsessed is obsessed not just with fiction but also with helping our subscribers and website visitors the best way we can. That’s why we continuously scour the market to find the best gear items to accompany your adventure inside the fictional world.

We also have a list of carefully chosen audio accessories, like earbuds and headphones, and gadgets like tablets. You’ll also find a listing of furniture pieces, such as chairs and tables, designed perfectly for reading and audiobook listening. We have everything that will ensure you can read for hours without worrying about back, shoulder, and neck pains.

Simply put, if you’re looking for stuff that will keep you comfortable and free from distractions while binge-reading or listening, Fiction Obsessed will help you narrow down your choices.

Like with the novels and audiobooks we list, we scrutinize and review each of them to give you a good idea of what they can and can’t offer. What’s more, we compare multiple options so that you can easily pick which one works best for your specific needs and wants.

You will even find buying guides and tips to help you make a more informed decision when choosing among our picks of highly recommended gear items.

A Good Network for Fiction Writers or Authors

At Fiction Obsessed, we have come across fictional pieces written by beginning authors worthy of being advertised, read, and recognized. However, in an industry filled with established novelists, most don’t catch the public’s attention. Even if they do, it’s often a few years after writing their first book.

Gaining your first batch of readers and growing your audience are struggles we understand. Thus, we have a platform you can use to advertise or promote your books, and that is through our umbrella brand, Publishing Profits.

Even better, we have a good number of subscribers whom you can entice to read your books. We also have a good network of book reviewers who can help you gain more reviews on different selling platforms, especially Amazon. Plus, you can benefit from our email promotions and inclusion in our monthly subscription box.

If you’re lucky, you would be able to convert some or most of our subscribers and even reviewers into loyal fans. Not only that, but you will also be able to achieve better sales rankings.

All of that you can achieve only here at Fiction Obsessed!

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