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best Gay Romance Books Novels

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[amazon fields="B086WKLJSN" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B086WKLJSN" value="link" tracking_id="fictionobsessed-20" title="Slippery Creatures (The Will Darling Adventures Book 1) by KJ Charles"]

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[amazon fields="B07RD7ZPPM" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B07RD7ZPPM" value="link" tracking_id="fictionobsessed-20" title="Top Secret by Sarina Bowen"]
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[amazon fields="B085929C61" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B085929C61" value="link" tracking_id="fictionobsessed-20" title="Mission: All In (Brantley Walker: Off the Books Book 1) by Nicole Edwards"]View on Amazon
[amazon fields="B00E5P9DTU" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B00E5P9DTU" value="link" tracking_id="fictionobsessed-20" title="Gay Romance on Garda by Anthony McDonald"]
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[amazon fields="B00EPEN9S2" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B00EPEN9S2" value="link" tracking_id="fictionobsessed-20" title="Gay Romance in Majorca by Anthony McDonald"]
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[amazon fields=”B07H1KXWCN” value=”link” title=”Return to Me”]

[amazon fields=”B07H1KXWCN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Ian Finn

Duncan is a successful, rich CEO that likes everything like he likes it, both in the boardroom and the bedroom. He is determined to hide his sexuality and continue to enjoy his one-night trysts, until he meets Tyler, someone he knew from long ago. Tyler is a young wanna-be musician who intends to change Duncan so that they can both have the relationship they deserve, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

[amazon fields=”B07H87L21P” value=”link” title=”First Time Up”]

[amazon fields=”B07H87L21P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Declan Rhodes

While Eric’s baseball team suddenly has a wave of players coming out at the same time, he decides to keep his sexuality a secret and concentrate on baseball; that is, until he meets Harley, the new right fielder. It isn’t long before Eric and Harley step up their relationship, even moving in together and sharing custody of a cute little dog. All seems perfect until something happens that challenges their relationship and their beliefs about love, with neither of them knowing what will happen next.

[amazon fields=”B075ZHQ8Z3″ value=”link” title=”One Night at Finn’s”]

[amazon fields=”B075ZHQ8Z3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: R.G. Alexander

Brady Finn is tired of his involuntary abstinence, especially when he experiences a particularly bad date that he is still trying to forget. After former drill sergeant Carter Willis helps him through that date by finding the two men that beat him up, the two are instantly attracted to one another. Brady, however, isn’t sure whether the attraction is there because Carter wants to protect him further or because he truly cares for him. Brady now has a decision to make – trust Carter and give their relationship a shot, or go back to the way he’s always done things, which is quite lonely indeed.

[amazon fields=”B07H2D9W51″ value=”link” title=”Undeniable Attraction”]

[amazon fields=”B07H2D9W51″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: David Horne

When scientist Finnick Doyle heads to Labrador to do research on climate change, his world comes to a halt when he meets handyman Dalton Barnes. The two are attracted to one another, but Finnick tries to deny his feelings towards this intriguing man until Dalton ends up saving his life. The book has all the elements of a great story, including a threat on both men’s lives that leaves the reader wondering if the two men will ever get together and be happy.

[amazon fields=”B075MTYS9H” value=”link” title=”Locked in Silence”]

[amazon fields=”B075MTYS9H” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Sloane Kennedy

Different circumstances bring two men back to a small town in Minnesota, a town they’d both rather forget. Nolan, a professional violinist who returns to take care of his father, struggles to make ends meet after spending most of his last dimes to keep the family home. Dallas is an ex-baseball player who experiences an accident that takes away everything he once cherished, including his voice. At a time when both men are trying to blend in with the crowd and be as inconspicuous as possible, the two meet and are immediately attracted to one another.

[amazon fields=”B07DP8M589″ value=”link” title=”Tangled Up in You”]

[amazon fields=”B07DP8M589″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Jaclyn Osborn

Corbin and Hunter started out as friends, but soon fell in love as teenagers. Now, Corbin is off to California to play football at college, leaving Hunter behind in their small Arkansas town. Years later Corbin returns, but will Hunter agree to give him a second chance? Corbin wants to pick up where the couple left off, but Hunter isn’t so sure, putting both of the men’s future in grave danger.

[amazon fields=”B078Z2T6XM” value=”link” title=”The Station”]

[amazon fields=”B078Z2T6XM” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Keira Andrews

Colin and Patrick are both banished to a prison colony in Australia, where Colin, who is used to certain amount of luxury, and Patrick, who has been pampered for his entire life, get the chance to know one another a little better. They do a good job of avoiding a relationship until they both have a chance to escape to the life of a cowboy, but will that solve all of their problems or make them even more complicated?

[amazon fields=”B07H7V3QZV” value=”link” title=”Electric Sunshine”]

[amazon fields=”B07H7V3QZV” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Davies

Charlie is still trying to recover from his boyfriend’s death when he meets Kev, who attracts his attention and makes him feel like Charlie might be all right after all. Kev has spent many years on the streets after his parents kick him out as a teenager for being gay, so he’s a lot rougher around the edges than Charlie is. If things go right, these two will get together and fulfill each other’s emotional needs, but that might be more difficult than either of them thinks.

[amazon fields=”B07H1GFG47″ value=”link” title=”Made Mine”]

[amazon fields=”B07H1GFG47″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Sloane Kennedy

Reese is a closeted gay man who is a mess in more ways than one. Ben is someone who has been on his own and is used to taking care of himself, but he decides to stay with his current foster family so that he can watch over his younger sister. Then Georgie gets into trouble, and Reese is sent in to help protect her and her brother Ben, turning both of these teenagers’ lives into turmoil. Add to that the arrival of a biological brother Ben hasn’t seen in many years, and the story is guaranteed to be something both challenging and interesting.

[amazon fields=”B07H421NXR” value=”link” title=”Ride or Dye”]

[amazon fields=”B07H421NXR” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Aimee Nicole Walker

Gabe and Josh are a happily married couple with a house full of love but little time to themselves. When they decide to head out to a beach house and enjoy a vacation centered on a murder-mystery event, the two men are excited to spend some time away from everything for a bit. However, when a guest is murdered during a bad storm, Gabe has to choose between a vicious killer whose next victim might be Josh and upholding the law.

[amazon fields=”B07FT8RC7X” value=”link” title=”Country Boys”]

[amazon fields=”B07FT8RC7X” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Peter Styles

When Allen, a cowboy and country boy, and Kyle, a city-slicker now living on Allen’s ranch so that he can get ahead financially, come back together after years of being apart, the attraction is obvious, but Allen is afraid that if he moves forward with his desires, Kyle might leave like he did before. As the two men grow closer, it becomes a contest to see which will make the first move, and as their attraction grows, it is only a matter of time.

[amazon fields=”B07F1JYQXX” value=”link” title=”Hudson’s Luck”]

[amazon fields=”B07F1JYQXX” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Lucy Lennox

This is the story of Hudson, who questions his own sexual preference and goes to Ireland after taking back a marriage proposal to his girlfriend – and his boss’s daughter. When he walks into an Irish pub and sees Charlie, he is instantly smitten. Charlie seems to feel the same way, but when Hudson insists that he’s straight, Charlie backs off a bit. After they both end up in Hudson’s hometown later on, Charlie has to deal with his feelings towards Hudson and Hudson’s ex-girlfriend, and he is continuously wondering how it will all end.

[amazon fields=”B076NL4Z2C” value=”link” title=”Kidnapped by the Pirate”]

[amazon fields=”B076NL4Z2C” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Keira Andrews

When Nathaniel is sent to Primrose Isle to be a part of an arranged marriage, he considers it a good way to cover up his sexuality. When he gets kidnapped by a man who has a score to settle with his father, he has no idea what will happen next. His kidnapper, Hawk, suddenly realizes that Nathaniel is not as horrible as his father is, and starts to develop an attraction towards him. They both secretly hope that the relationship will be enough to get them both out of their predicaments.

[amazon fields=”B07GD4DPZ9″ value=”link” title=”Protecting the Billionaire”]

[amazon fields=”B07GD4DPZ9″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Jason Collins

When Damon, a private eye who has experienced a lot of bad luck lately, is hired to protect Jamie, he assumes he’ll just be babysitting another spoiled rich guy. All of that changes once they meet. The attraction is obvious, but Jamie thinks Damon is straight and is hesitant to start anything. The more they spend time together, the more that changes, and the two enjoy an explosive relationship that they both hope will last.

[amazon fields=”B07CRXWP38″ value=”link” title=”Mason”]

[amazon fields=”B07CRXWP38″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Nicki Rowe

Axe is used to being alone and has a life that consists of pleasurable escapades with a variety of men and women. When he meets Mason, the young man becomes one of his many trysts until Mason decides he wants more. This is a story of a man who has made it his mission to remain unattached and a lover that decides he wants more from that man than just a physical relationship, resulting in an explosive ending.

[amazon fields=”B079RLBD8M” value=”link” title=”Best Friend’s Father”]

[amazon fields=”B079RLBD8M” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Devon McCormack

Jesse decides to take a well-deserved vacation with his best friend so they can enjoy some downtime and some fun on the town. He doesn’t expect to suddenly become attracted to that friend’s father. What’s worse, the attraction is mutual, and they have to steal time to spend together because this is, after all, his best friend’s father. But with each stolen moment, the two men find it more and more difficult to deny their feelings, even though they wonder if there is any future together.

[amazon fields=”B075ZLVHGH” value=”link” title=”Fight for it”]

[amazon fields=”B075ZLVHGH” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: A.D. Ellis

Micah and Cole are in an intense relationship that both are enjoying. The problem? Micah is out and proud, and Cole isn’t. Cole also has a secret he feels could destroy both his life and his relationship with Micah, but as his feelings for Micah continue to grow, he has to make a decision – keep his secret and lose everything, or stay with Micah and see where the relationship takes them. Only one of those is possible, and only one will be available to them in the end.

[amazon fields=”B07H298NZT” value=”link” title=”Unwritten Law”]

[amazon fields=”B07H298NZT” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Eden Finley

When a man who’s a twin is sent to “break up” with his brother’s boyfriend, which he’s done for his brother numerous times, he thinks it’s going to be as simple as the rest of the breakups. Then he meets the current boyfriend, Reed, and things change drastically. Instead of breaking up with Reed, he embarks on a passionate affair with him. There’s only one problem – Reed thinks he’s actually his twin brother. How long can the relationship go on before Reed finds out the truth?

[amazon fields=”B004L62E08″ value=”link” title=”Call Me by Your Name”]

[amazon fields=”B004L62E08″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Andre Aciman

If you like stories about young love, this book is for you. It tells the story of the relationship between an adolescent boy and the guest at his family’s season mansion. The winner of The New York Times Notable Book of the Year award and many others, it centers on obsession, passion, and desire, and the relationship between the two is something that you’ll never forget.

[amazon fields=”B01N201UZM” value=”link” title=”Out into the World”]

[amazon fields=”B01N201UZM” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Chris Hunter

A great coming-of-age novel, this story centers on Erik, who is waiting on his graduation from college so that he can finally start feeling like an adult. When he meets a new lover, things take off quickly and seem to be going well – that is, until he finds out just who this incredible man really is. Will this young man’s identity ruin what the couple has together, or can they both overcome it so that their relationship will grow and thrive?

[amazon fields=”B01D903HXE” value=”link” title=”A Summer of Guiltless Sex”]

[amazon fields=”B01D903HXE” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Dan Skinner

When Ted and Bill, two men who have recently be dumped by their boyfriends, embark on a relationship, they both agree that it is only going to be physical and that it will only last through the summer so they can both go back to their lives afterwards. Their summer ends up being a journey in self-discovery, but will either of them be able to go back to the way things were before, or will their relationship head off in a new direction?

[amazon fields=”B06W54BNWQ” value=”link” title=”Something New”]

[amazon fields=”B06W54BNWQ” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Harper Logan

Brooklyn agrees to an arranged marriage in order to receive a large sum of money that he’ll use for a noble purpose, but there’s only one problem – his future husband, Austin, is straight. However, just as both men jump into the marriage and try to figure everything out, a photograph of them in bed together goes viral on the Internet. They start to wonder if they’ll even make it a month, much less a year, even though there is a huge reward for both of them in the end.

[amazon fields=”B07F774MJP” value=”link” title=”His Dirty Secret”]

[amazon fields=”B07F774MJP” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Aiden Bates

Anthony is surprised when his best friend’s brother shows an interest in him, even though this man seems to be harboring a deep secret that everyone seems to know about but him. Ryan just got out of prison and is not looking for anything long-term, even though Anthony piques his interest more than anyone has in a long time. Their one-night stand turns into something much more in this book about two people who can’t get enough of one another.

[amazon fields=”B07CCMR71L” value=”link” title=”Taken Boy”]

[amazon fields=”B07CCMR71L” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Loki Renard

This is a very dark romance story that centers on Bobby, a young man about to eliminate his biggest enemy, and Angelo, who is intent on breaking Bobby. They both have specific goals that they’re planning on meeting, but when they meet one another, all of that changes. The fact that they have been set up to be together affects what happens next, leaving neither of the men unchanged from the experience.

[amazon fields=”B07CSJFZZX” value=”link” title=”Mister Bridesmaid”]

[amazon fields=”B07CSJFZZX” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Ivy Oliver

A man attends a friend’s wedding and runs into that friend’s brother, Colt, who is more than he can resist. The two men embark on what they both think is going to be a one-night stand, but when they awaken from their drunken stupor to find that they are actually married now, what is supposed to happen next? Neither of them knows for sure, but together they take a giant leap of faith and move forward, one day at a time, to make sure it is something good.

[amazon fields=”B07FRKCBPK” value=”link” title=”The Substitute”]

[amazon fields=”B07FRKCBPK” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Sean Ashcroft

When Aiden leaves Zach right before their wedding day, his brother Flynn decides to step in to clean up Aiden’s mess like he usually does. Both of them are surprised by their reactions to the wedding, however. Zach is still protecting his heart from more anguish, and Flynn finds himself dealing with some feelings that he never knew he had. Both are wondering if this will lead to something more, or if they should quit while they’re ahead.

[amazon fields=”B07CM77WW1″ value=”link” title=”As I Am”]

[amazon fields=”B07CM77WW1″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Melissa Collins

Chase thinks he has nothing to offer a partner, mainly because he is barely making ends meet and raising a teenage brother. Noah is a doctor who catches a lover in bed with another man and is bitter over the breakup. When they meet, Chase is ready to jump right in, but Noah is a little more skeptical. When one man is completed committed to the relationship and the other isn’t so sure, is there a chance that they will end up together?

[amazon fields=”B07DTNBSNV” value=”link” title=”Curl Around My Heart”]

[amazon fields=”B07DTNBSNV” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Londra Laine

Tate is the owner of a successful hair and nail spa who feels he doesn’t need anything else but his business. Reece is a single dad to an eight-year-old daughter who walks into his spa one day, and even though both men have had disappointing relationships in the past, they move forward with a relationship. When Reece’s ex comes back on the scene and issues a threat, both men wonder if their relationship can survive, and suddenly their relationship takes on a whole new meaning.

[amazon fields=”B078JHM2XL” value=”link” title=”Fresh Catch”]

[amazon fields=”B078JHM2XL” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Kate Canterbury

While traveling to a vacation spot that will allow him to get away from it all for a bit, Cole gets lost at sea. Making things worse is the fact that he instantly falls in love with a lobsterman who has no patience for small talk or even for other people. Owen does wonder about Cole, however, and the secret he is obviously hiding. Can Cole get Owen to open up and change his mind about relationships in general, or is their relationship all for naught?

[amazon fields=”B074KGY5YN” value=”link” title=”Hard for My Boss”]

[amazon fields=”B074KGY5YN” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Daryl Banner

When Trevor, a young intern, starts his internship at Gage Communications, he doesn’t expect to instantly fall for the rich, powerful owner, Benjamin Gage. He is immediately smitten, but how in the world will a young, inexperienced intern ever convince Benjamin that this relationship is exactly what he needs? The odds are against him, but Trevor is bound and determined not to give up so easily. With characters that are both adorable and quirky, this is one story that will keep your heart pumping.

[amazon fields=”B07H1XH863″ value=”link” title=”Find You Out”]

[amazon fields=”B07H1XH863″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Rachel Kane

Cam is a man with a lot of dark secrets – and an online stalker that is threatening to reveal his secret and ruin his life. He decides to hire Alex to get some help and reveal who the stalker is, but Alex has only negative feelings about the case, mostly because he’s been burned in the past. But when the two start working together, Alex decides that he not only wants to solve Cam’s mystery, but he also needs to. Will either of these insecure men ever let go enough to let the relationship blossom?

[amazon fields=”B07C3MCYJP” value=”link” title=”Daddy Issues”]

[amazon fields=”B07C3MCYJP” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Seth King

When Eliot, a young gay man, meets up with his used-to-be stepfather that he hasn’t seen in a decade, sparks fly, but it isn’t just the familial relationship that seems taboo – it is everything about it. Robert is now living openly as a gay man, but soon Eliot learns that Robert was never the father figure he thought he was. He is disappointed in Robert, but for some reason he is unable to quash this desire that he has for him, regardless of how bad things get.

[amazon fields=”B07GV1V7TL” value=”link” title=”Flash Me”]

[amazon fields=”B07GV1V7TL” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: K.M. Neuhold

An interesting love story with a twist, the story details the relationship between three men – Liam, a transgender who owns his own successful photography business, Wyatt, a therapist that meets Liam and decides to help him, and Owen, Liam’s boyfriend, who is all too ready to succumb to a threesome. All three men find something they need and want out of the relationship, and the book leaves the reader wondering how or when it will end.

[amazon fields=”B07DFBQPY6″ value=”link” title=”Born Again Sinner”]

[amazon fields=”B07DFBQPY6″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Daryl Banner

When a preacher’s son becomes the caregiver for Cody, who has just returned from war and is broken in more ways than one, that’s when the trouble starts. But Trey is determined to take good care of Cody without becoming broken himself and without becoming the sinner he has always avoided being. It proves to be a more difficult task than he thinks, because his patient is a strong, good-looking young man with piercing eyes. Will Trey be able to resist his charms while bringing Cody back to life, or will he succumb to them after all?

[amazon fields=”B07GH4Q7HM” value=”link” title=”The Real McCoy”]

[amazon fields=”B07GH4Q7HM” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Jerry Cole

When Connor’s brother ends up with the family ranch, he tells Connor that he can have it back if he goes undercover at Greg’s future in-laws’ ranch so he can sweep their daughter off her feet. After he is hired, Connor meets gorgeous Ty Gibson, but his growing attraction to this young man threatens to blow his disguise and ruin his undercover work, which means his brother Greg will never get his sweetheart to himself. Connor then has to decide whether getting what he needs or simply what he wants is the best thing to do.

[amazon fields=”B07GFD89TF” value=”link” title=”Marriage Rules”]

[amazon fields=”B07GFD89TF” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Jacki James

Stevie, who lost everything when he was outed by an incriminating photograph, agrees to an arranged marriage to Casey so that he can get on-track financially and go back to college. Casey is convinced that it will work because he is not interested in marriage, and they both agree to a firm set of rules. The first rule – no falling in love – becomes harder to heed the longer the two men are together, with neither of them knows what is going to happen next.

[amazon fields=”B07H3G7XH3″ value=”link” title=”Mister Hard to Get”]

[amazon fields=”B07H3G7XH3″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Ivy Oliver

A fun and light-hearted love story, this is the story between two competitors in the bakery business who suddenly discover themselves in a relationship. When one decides to play hard to get to make sure that he concentrates on the business and nothing else, it changes their relationship, and the twists and turns that come afterwards make the story even more interesting right up to the end.

[amazon fields=”B078QGG563″ value=”link” title=”Anguish”]

[amazon fields=”B078QGG563″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: J.J. Ellis

Ben Harper is in a difficult position. He is a victim of depression and anxiety, he is just coming to terms with his sexuality, and to make everything worse – he’s just a teenager. With the help of his best friend and lover, JC Croft, he is determined to beat his demons and live a full and active life. But is this even possible, and if it is, what will it cost these two lovers in the end?

[amazon fields=”B07FR8TTCH” value=”link” title=”The Boyfriend Game”]

[amazon fields=”B07FR8TTCH” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Stella Starling

Set in Vegas, this is the story between Carter and Rip, who decide to enter a gay game show in order to win some cash, even though Rip is straight. He is, however, always ready for some fun, so he thinks that the idea of going on the show with Carter will be the experience of a lifetime. Neither of them counts on what happens next, with Carter falling in love with Rip, and Rip questioning his sexuality for the first time in his life.

[amazon fields=”B078KTPGTN” value=”link” title=”One for the Road”]

[amazon fields=”B078KTPGTN” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Jackson Tyler

When Jake, a vagabond who never stops moving, finds himself stranded because of car problems, he welcomes the appearance of Preston, a man who stops to help him then decides to make him an offer that he can’t refuse. If Jake goes with Preston to Colorado for a week and pretends to be his boyfriend to please his family, Preston will reward him with cash. For both men, the arrangement has advantages, but at the end of that week, things get a little more complicated.

[amazon fields=”B071KYP7YT” value=”link” title=”Damaged Like Us”]

[amazon fields=”B071KYP7YT” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Krista & Becka Ritchie

Farrow is assigned to be the bodyguard of hopelessly rich and spoiled Maximoff Hale, who is American royalty. Very soon, boundaries blur, and Farrow falls into a relationship with the young Mr. Hale, but at what cost? Although exposing the relationship could spell disaster for both men, it is Farrow that has the most to lose. However, it isn’t long before they both realize that their relationship is more dangerous than they thought.

[amazon fields=”B077JDXHT1″ value=”link” title=”Rebel”]

[amazon fields=”B077JDXHT1″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Rhys Ford

Gus is a tattoo artist with a tattoo shop and a young son who is the product of a one-night stand. Rey is the firefighter he once had a brief relationship with, and when they find themselves together again, they wonder if their attraction to one another will be permanent this time. Rey wants the fairy tale ending, but Gus isn’t so sure. Can the two of them merge their dreams and learn to want the same things in life, or is it too late for them?

[amazon fields=”B07CMKSXJP” value=”link” title=”Robby Riverton”]

[amazon fields=”B07CMKSXJP” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Eli Easton

In order to elude gangsters who are out for blood, Robby disguises himself as a mail order bride to replace one he met on the train while fleeing. He lands in a town called Flat Bottom and finds himself engaged, although it is that man’s brother, Tracee, whom he becomes interested in. Tracee allows Robby to stay on his ranch until he feels he is safe again, but what will happen to the threesome, and who will win out in the end?

[amazon fields=”B07H44DY61″ value=”link” title=”Black Leather & Knuckle Tattoos”]

[amazon fields=”B07H44DY61″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: J.M. Dabney

Troy and Win could never make their relationship work, but a decade later, when Troy takes over his family’s business due to his dad’s illness, the two find themselves in each other’s lives day after day because Win has a job in the business. Win considers this a distraction, while Troy finds himself less stressed about it. However, when the unexpected happens, Troy is there to help Win out, which could change their relationship forever.

[amazon fields=”B07GFXT44P” value=”link” title=”Only Love You”]

[amazon fields=”B07GFXT44P” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: J.D. Chambers

Ben and Jonathan are both convinced that relationships never last, but when Jonathan agrees to act as Ben’s boyfriend for the wedding of Ben’s sister, things happen in both of their lives that make them think they might change their mind one day. They try to fight their growing attraction to one another, convinced that it should never be long-term, but as the relationship drags on for a while, they both wonder if – or when – it will ever end.

[amazon fields=”B07FDYWSQQ” value=”link” title=”Forget Me Not”]

[amazon fields=”B07FDYWSQQ” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Max Hudson

When Austin’s lover, Noah, suffers a brain injury that erases his memory, the two split up. Years later, Austin is on his way to finally getting over Noah, even finding someone he considers Mr. Right and whom he hopes to spend the rest of his life with. When Noah comes into town – at a most inopportune time – Austin is shocked to discover he isn’t who he was before the accident. Noah only remembers the ecstasy the two men once shared and nothing else; Austin remembers it all. Will Austin’s new relationship be able to withstand what happens next?

[amazon fields=”B07BHZNX6N” value=”link” title=”Bound to Fight”]

[amazon fields=”B07BHZNX6N” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: A.D. Ellis

There is often a thin line between love and hate, and Cody and Kennedy seemed to have crossed that line. They’ve known each other since childhood, and when Kennedy starts to have a glimmer of hope that their relationship can be salvaged, the only one standing in his way is Cody. The two men’s relationship starts to develop slowly, but they are both stubborn, so neither of them knows what is going to happen in the end.

[amazon fields=”B077NW11DS” value=”link” title=”Fire and Flint”]

[amazon fields=”B077NW11DS” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Andrew Grey

Jordan works for Judge Crawford and has discovered some less-than-honorable activities on his part. He decides to stay silent, in part because he doesn’t want the judge interfering in his attempts to adopt little Jeremiah. When Pierre, who is hired to look after the judge after Crawford receives nefarious letters, finally hears what Jordan has to say, he admits that he believes him and that together they can take down the judge. But Judge Crawford is powerful, and Jordan and Pierre are not. Who will win in the end?

[amazon fields=”B0763PCM77″ value=”link” title=”Safe and Sound”]

[amazon fields=”B0763PCM77″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Lucy Lennox

Aiden is a playboy with everything going for him, and Ash is a new barista at the coffee shop that Aiden frequents. Ash is trying to escape an abusive boyfriend and doesn’t want a controlling relationship, while Aiden has no intention of giving up his frequent one-night stands for something more long-term. When sparks fly and they enter into a relationship, things are ripe for change, but will the relationship be what both men want and need?

[amazon fields=”B0789VLVPM” value=”link” title=”Shattered”]

[amazon fields=”B0789VLVPM” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Sloane Kennedy

Jace and Caleb both have broken pieces in their lives, and besides, Jace has let Caleb down in the past. Because of this, a relationship seems impossible, but the present is a little different. When Caleb’s life is threatened, Jace decides not to walk away this time. An intense story that includes sexual assault against a minor, this is a very intense story that has Caleb and Jace trying to figure out their own lives, while at the same time exploring their relationship with one another.

[amazon fields=”B01I39Y03C” value=”link” title=”A Cowboy’s Home”]

[amazon fields=”B01I39Y03C” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: R.J. Scott

Justin is a soldier who comes home from the war a little jaded because he accidentally killed his best friend while he was away from home. After he is shot, he returns home to tiny Crooked Tree with the intent of recuperating and nothing else. Sam is a local who falls for Justin, unaware of his complicated past, but will falling for this scarred man result in something good, or will it cause only heartache for the two of them?

[amazon fields=”B07GS95HNX” value=”link” title=”Daddy Wanted”]

[amazon fields=”B07GS95HNX” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Susi Hawke

When scatterbrained Toby, a musician with more energy than he knows what to do with, decides to hire a Daddy Dom to help him become more organized and productive, the result is Thorne Barrett, who is worn-out and not too excited about looking after a spoiled brat of a musician. However, neither man is who the other expects at the beginning of the relationship, and when an unexpected pregnancy, a crazed stalker, and a cross-country tour are added to the mixture, if affects everything that happens to the two of them from then on.

[amazon fields=”B00IX21D4E” value=”link” title=”Always”]

[amazon fields=”B00IX21D4E” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Kindle Alexander

An LGBT Book of the Year award winner, this is the story of Avery, a gorgeous attorney who decides to run for the senate, and Kane, the owner of the restaurant that Avery finds himself in. Although Kane already has a boyfriend, he is quickly smitten when noticing Avery sitting at one of the tables in his restaurant. Kane is totally unprepared for his reaction to Avery, but will his relationship with his boyfriend be enough to thwart off this potential relationship that Kane and Avery are seeming moving towards?

[amazon fields=”B07FMR4XCG” value=”link” title=”Love and Medicine”]

[amazon fields=”B07FMR4XCG” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: J.P. Oliver

Ross is a doctor who operates on Tom, someone he had a one-night stand with the night before and whom he pushed out the door because he didn’t want him staying the night. He feels responsible for what happened, even agreeing to pay for Tom’s medical bills. But later, he can’t stop thinking about Tom, and every time he enters Tom’s hospital room to “check” on him, he can’t help but picture the two of them being together again soon – and for longer this time.

[amazon fields=”B07H72LXZD” value=”link” title=”Pros & Cons of Vengeance”]

[amazon fields=”B07H72LXZD” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: A.E. Wasp

When a senator known for beating up male prostitutes is thought to need some roughening up so he can start behaving, Steele, a bodyguard, first talks to his latest victim, a gorgeous hooker named Breck who also has a heart of gold. Although he is there to take down the senator, he suddenly finds himself falling for Breck much harder than he would’ve ever imagined. This complicates things, and Steele finds himself wondering what to do next.

[amazon fields=”B07H7XDK42″ value=”link” title=”Red Sky at Morning”]

[amazon fields=”B07H7XDK42″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Genna Donaghy

Fox has secretly loved his best friend since they were kids, and now he is home from two wars, still unable to admit his feelings to Tobias. When an alien ship bombs San Francisco, he finds he has to go to war yet again to save both himself and Tobias, but challenges present themselves early on in the scenario. The first one is that the aliens are not whom they seem, and the second one is that his true enemy may be what lies inside of him.

[amazon fields=”B072JTJRJQ” value=”link” title=”Adam’s Song”]

[amazon fields=”B072JTJRJQ” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Spencer Spears

Adam is in love with his best friend, Ben, but there’s one major problem – Ben is straight. When the two reconnect after some time apart, they start up a relationship, but it happens slowly. Adam is flawed and doesn’t want to admit that he needs someone, while Ben is struggling with newfound feelings he has for Adam after Adam admitted he was gay. Are their differences enough to keep them together, or will their relationship wreak havoc on both of their lives?

[amazon fields=”B07GZNVY1N” value=”link” title=”Running on Empty”]

[amazon fields=”B07GZNVY1N” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: M.K. Hunter

Ryan has a shattered past that was made worse when his mother died and left him to take care of his younger brother and an alcoholic father. He escapes to Colorado to start over and takes a job in the only restaurant in town. In his new hometown, he learns to explore himself in a way he never has before, and he learns to love for the first time in his life. Love his friends, his boyfriends, and even his family – but most of all, he learns to love himself.

[amazon fields=”B07G5MRLYC” value=”link” title=”Because I Need You”]

[amazon fields=”B07G5MRLYC” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Avery Duncan

When Ellis Baxter, a single dad and widower with a heart of gold, starts working as an assistant for CEO Aiden Munroe, a self-centered jerk, he soon realizes that he signed up for more than he bargained for. With two completely different personalities and life goals, Ellis and Aiden are perhaps the unlikeliest couple to get together on the planet, but something happens after they start working together, and their story is both heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time.

[amazon fields=”B07D5JMG7F” value=”link” title=”The Good Boy”]

[amazon fields=”B07D5JMG7F” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Lisa Henry

Lane Moredock’s family is falling apart, and the authorities think that he knows more about their missing millions that he is willing to admit. Derek Fields has lost money to Lane’s family and isn’t convinced that he didn’t have something to do with how much wrong they’ve done. When Lane and Derek begin a relationship, Derek is pleased to find out how seemingly innocent Lane is, but does this mean Lane doesn’t know where the missing money is? For their relationship to work, Derek has to know for sure, but this could prove much harder than he thought.

[amazon fields=”B07B2XGT79″ value=”link” title=”Sanctuary Found”]

[amazon fields=”B07B2XGT79″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Sloane Kennedy

A misfit who is harboring secrets. A seasoned soldier proud of his time in the military. Can anything be more complex? To Maddox and Isaac, the answer is “no.” Isaac is a young man on the road out to make right a few things he did wrong. Maddox is coming back home to make amends with his family, and they both end up working at the wildlife sanctuary operated by Maddox’s brother. They have very little in common except for the passion they feel for one another, but is that enough to make this relationship work?

[amazon fields=”B076CSB1GF” value=”link” title=”Falling for Taylor”]

[amazon fields=”B076CSB1GF” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Tracy Lorraine

Taylor is a man intent on enjoying a string of one-night stands because he doesn’t want a commitment with anyone, while Caleb is tired of those trysts and ready to settle down. To make their relationship work, Taylor has to convince Caleb he is ready to give up his irresponsible lifestyle, and Caleb has to feel that he can believe Taylor when he states that he is ready to give a permanent relationship a try. Will the two ever succeed?

[amazon fields=”B07G79Q8QJ” value=”link” title=”Allied”]

[amazon fields=”B07G79Q8QJ” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Max Hawthorn

British spy Ethan Barrett is in Houston to get information on a trafficking ring when he gets into an accident and ends up in the hospital not knowing who he is. Peter Stone is the forensic data specialist who rescues him that night, and the chemistry between them is immediate and strong. But for the relationship to work, Ethan has to get his memory back so that together, they can figure out who tried to kill him, even though solving that mystery might instead keep the two lovers apart.

[amazon fields=”B07GLJS3KP” value=”link” title=”BBQ, Bikes, and Beer”]

[amazon fields=”B07GLJS3KP” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Lisa Oliver

When Roy, a police officer, gives Clive a ticket for going too fast on his motorcycle on a holiday weekend, the two are instantly smitten with one another. Add to this the fact that they belong to rival motorcycle clubs, and it is easy to understand why fireworks are ablaze in more ways than one on this Fourth of July weekend.

[amazon fields=”B077GYMBH7″ value=”link” title=”Lawless”]

[amazon fields=”B077GYMBH7″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: R.G. Alexander

Love is often lawless, as Solomon Finn and Hugo Wayne find out, once they begin a relationship. Solomon is a retired police chief trying to figure out his future, and Hugo is tired of keeping the peace because he knows that by doing so, he is denying his own desires. After all, everyone else in Hugo’s family had found love and happiness … didn’t he deserve the same?

[amazon fields=”B01MQHMITA” value=”link” title=”The Bigger They Come”]

[amazon fields=”B01MQHMITA” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: McKay

Cade is an ex-Marine and professional bodyguard, but when he is hired to protect Dr. Jude Morgan because he has a dangerous stalker, Jude thinks a lot of fuss is being made over nothing. Their relationship begins soon after they meet, and they both soon find out that Jude’s stalker is a lot more dangerous than they were willing to admit in the beginning. While their relationship blossoms, the stalker is getting closer, but can Cade stop him in his tracks before something bad happens to Jude and their relationship falls by the wayside?

[amazon fields=”B07FMPGS1P” value=”link” title=”Cajun Dreams”]

[amazon fields=”B07FMPGS1P” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: David Horne

Jay and Brett’s relationship has more challenges than most of them do. Brett is a single dad who works two jobs to support himself and his young daughter, while at the same time fighting with the child’s biological mother for custody. He feels he doesn’t have time for a love life, but when he meets Jay all that changes. Set amidst the murky background of South Louisiana swamps, the two start out with a lot of complexities, but they both feel it will work out in the end.

[amazon fields=”B07HCX461Q” value=”link” title=”Flirt”]

[amazon fields=”B07HCX461Q” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Lucy Lennox

An off-the-wall and often lighthearted story, it tells the story of Stevie Devore and his blind devotion to the police chief, a one Evan Paige. In fact, Stevie has been wanting Evan for quite some time, and when he finally turns twenty-one, he decides to go after him full-force. Although known as a ladies’ man, Evan is certain to be attracted to Stevie, or so Stevie thinks. The story is heartwarming and funny, and it will keep your heart feeling full until the very end.

[amazon fields=”B01K3WN7TU” value=”link” title=”How to Bang a Billionaire”]

[amazon fields=”B01K3WN7TU” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Alexis Hall

Arden is studying at Oxford with few plans for the future when he meets billionaire Caspian Hart. Caspian is everything Arden ever wanted in a man, but it soon becomes obvious that Arden is falling in love. Caspian has a lot of rules – both in and out of the bedroom – and Arden is determined to abide by all of them. But when he discovers that Caspian’s heart is what he wants most, Arden begins to wonder if he will ever get it.

[amazon fields=”B075RCY531″ value=”link” title=”Up for the Challenge”]

[amazon fields=”B075RCY531″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Riley Hart

Ethan is used to getting what he wants out of every relationship, until he meets Sean, who comes in and out of his life and makes him think differently. Even though Ethan is not yet completely ready to let Sean into his life and heart, that doesn’t stop Sean from trying. The more they get to know one another, the more challenges are put in their way, but the two men are determined to end up with a great relationship in the end.

[amazon fields=”B07BWFL8BT” value=”link” title=”Play Dirty”]

[amazon fields=”B07BWFL8BT” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: J.A. Huss

The threesome between Jordan, Alexander, and Augustine comes to an abrupt end, as most threesomes eventually do, and Jordan thinks that everybody has moved on with their lives. When Alexander and Augustine come back into his life sometime later, he realizes that he’s wrong. What does the couple want from Jordan? To get their threesome back together, and this time, they will not let Jordan get away with saying “no” to their request.

[amazon fields=”B07H7S7SST” value=”link” title=”Always the Groomsman”]

[amazon fields=”B07H7S7SST” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Raleigh Ruebins

When a city-slicker attends his best friend’s wedding, he starts up a relationship with that friend’s best man, Sebastian – someone he hates. Or so he thought. In the days before the wedding Sebastian starts to attract his attention, and even though he knows it could never work – he loves the city and Sebastian is a small-town boy who is happy being just that – he decides to go after Sebastian anyway. Will this vivacious man win his heart, or are the two just too different to be together?

[amazon fields=”B07D71F8SC” value=”link” title=”The Swap”]

[amazon fields=”B07D71F8SC” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Annabella Michaels

After Samuel gets divorced and starts attending swap parties, his life becomes a meaningless bevy of sexual activity, mostly one-night stands. When he meets a much-younger man named Oliver, he isn’t sure that the younger man will want him, but their relationship grows quickly and soon the two are inseparable. But is what Oliver offering enough for Samuel, or will their differences eventually rip apart their relationship?

[amazon fields=”B07H2LFSD3″ value=”link” title=”Truce or Dare”]

[amazon fields=”B07H2LFSD3″ value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: Sterling

What happens when two stubborn, explosive, and lonely people meet? For Bram and Jayce, this is their reality. Jayce is a former addict from America trying to stay clean, and Scotsman Bram is instantly fascinated with him. Although they try to avoid one another, that seems impossible because they continuously run into each other, and each one is a little intrigued with the other. Both men have made mistakes and have hesitations about the relationship, but in the end they find out this is what they both want desperately, regardless of what the relationship needs to succeed.

[amazon fields=”B079R8XS4W” value=”link” title=”My Comic Valentine”]

[amazon fields=”B079R8XS4W” value= “thumb” image_size=”large”]

Author: David Horne

When Ben, who works in a comic shop, meets Ethan, a gay romance comic, the two come up with the perfect idea for a comic that no one has ever heard of before, and when it suddenly takes off, each of them feels like his life is headed in the right direction. Things seem to be perfect, except for one thing – Ben is in love with Ethan, who doesn’t return the feelings. Add to that the fact that Ben’s family is unaware that he is bisexual, and you’ll understand why his feelings toward Ethan are so confusing for him.

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  1. Another book I would highly recommend as the “76th” book is Teal H.S. Fields’ “Savoring the Sauce.” It balances the right amount of romance with the right amount of sensuality. Like all of the other books listed above, it does its intended job.


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