50 Best Scottish Highlander Romance Novels to Read

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Looking for the Best Scottish Highlander Romance Novels to read?

best scottish highlander romance novels

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

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Highlander's Road To Destiny: A Steamy Scottish Medieval Historical RomanceHighlander's Road To Destiny: A Steamy Scottish Medieval Historical Romance by Olivia Kerr

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Rescued By The Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Forever Book 1)Rescued By The Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance by Rebecca Preston
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The Rebirth of the Highlander: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance NovelThe Rebirth of the Highlander: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance Novel by Lydia KendallView on Amazon
Highlander’s Tempted Guard: A Scottish Medieval Historical Highlander Romance (Highlands' Golden Hearts Book 1)Highlander’s Tempted Guard: A Scottish Medieval Historical Highlander Romance by Adamina Young
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Celtic Viking: Historical Scottish Highlander Romance (Heart of the Battle Series Book 1)Celtic Viking: Historical Scottish Highlander Romance by Lexy Timms
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Here are our top 50 picks…

When a Laird Loves a Lady

When a Laird Loves a Lady (Highlander Vows- Entangled Hearts)

Author Julie Johnstone

All Marion ever wanted was a loving family, and when her father announces she is to marry someone she doesn’t even love, she does the unthinkable – feigns her own death and flees England. But, the evil baron, who she was supposed to marry, captures her and tries to hold her captive. There is only one way out – to marry the laird of the MacLeod clan, and when he travels across England to marry her, both are surprised by what they find. In fact, this just might be what both of them desperately need to move forward.

The Highlander's Promise

The Highlander's Promise: Highland Brides (Book 6)

Author Lynsay Sands

A spellbinding tale, this is the story of Aulay, who goes to his hunting camp for a few days of rest and relaxation, and Jetta, the beautiful woman he rescues, but then finds out that she has no memory of anything that’s happened to her so far. Attempts on Jetta’s life are part of the mystery, but Aulay is falling for her and has vowed to protect her at all costs. Will his feelings for her be enough to keep her safe, or does she have even more to worry about in her relationship with Aulay?

Wishing for a Highlander

Wishing for a Highlander: Highland Wishes, Volume 1

Author Jessi Gage

Melanie is single, pregnant, and trying hard to forget all about her cheating ex. When she makes a wish on a Scottish artifact, she is transported to the 1500s and gets her wish – a tall, handsome Highlander. But, Darcy is a loner who is convinced he will never marry because he is accused of being too large under the kilt. When he meets Melanie and learns where she came from, he falls for her anyway, but the townspeople insist she’s a witch, even though Darcy is convinced he can protect her.

Ravished by a Highlander

Ravished by a Highlander: The Children of the Mist Series, Book 1

Author Paula Quinn

Davina is an English lady whose secret identity is being hidden from the world, and Robert is the son of a Scottish laird with no great love for England, but a desire to always help a woman in need. He vows to bring Davina to safety, until a stolen kiss flames both of their desires. Even though Davina’s secrets can destroy both of their clans, their desire for one another is too strong to ignore, which is why their relationship is not likely to end anytime soon.

Highlander Entangled

Highlander Entangled: Highland Adventure, Book 9

Author Vonda Sinclair

When Lady Kristina is kidnapped by the same Highland chief who has caused her much suffering, it is Highland warrior Colin who sees what is going on and decides to rescue her. Since both the chief and his second in command are in on the kidnapping plot, Colin has his work cut out for him, but he has looked through Lady Kristina’s blindness and scars, and he has decided that she is well worth the fight that he already knows is ahead. Who will win in the end?

The Immortal Highlander

The Immortal Highlander: Highlander, Book 6

Author Karen Marie Moning

Adam is an immortal Highlander who has traveled the globe to fulfill his desires, but when his immortality is taken away from him and he becomes invisible, he has to seek help from the only woman who can actually see him. Gabrielle is a law student who can see both the Mortal and Faery worlds, and when their long seduction begins, it is a relationship that neither of them expected. In the end, their adventure proves that love always wins out in the end.

Laird of the Black Isle

Laird of the Black Isle

Author Paula Quinn

Lachlan MacKenzie is devastated after his wife and daughter are killed, and when a shadowy figure approaches him and informs him that his daughter is still alive, he is determined to find out the truth. He even kidnaps Mailie MacGregor from a rival for some assurance that everything will go as planned. Mailie is determined to get away from this Highland beast, but there’s something about him that is making her plans difficult. She just isn’t sure what it is yet.

The Highlander's Stolen Bride

The Highlander's Stolen Bride: The Sutherland Legacy, Book 2

Author Eliza Knight

Strath is a laird who, after refusing to get married, heads toward the English border to help the king prevent his enemies from laying siege to his land. Eva is a daughter of the earl who is engaged to a horrible man who has tortured her family and blackmailed them in terror. When Strath interrupts the ceremony, Eva has mixed feelings. She doesn’t want to marry this man, but can the Scottish man who just interrupted her wedding be any better? There’s only one way to find out for sure.

Kaitlyn and the Highlander

Kaitlyn and the Highlander

Author Diana Knightley

When Kaitlyn’s breakup video goes viral and causes her great embarrassment, she is thrilled to meet someone such as Magnus, with whom she suddenly realizes she has a lot in common with. But, unbeknownst to Kaitlyn, Magnus is not from this time period, and even though he is determined to protect Kaitlyn at all costs, he wonders if he can do that without damaging his own life. A time travel Highlander story that will keep you loving the characters and guessing what will happen next to the very end.

Conquered by the Highlander

Conquered by the Highlander: Conquered Bride, Book 1

Author Eliza Knight

Gabriel is a laird who has a closed-off heart ever since he lost the love of his life, and now he’s been put in charge of rescuing her cousin and her cousin’s children from a castle, even though this woman has been charged with a heinous crime. When Lady Brenna meets this cold-hearted warrior who is just there to do his job, she isn’t concentrating on love – just on survival. But, all of that changes with just one kiss between them, and it is a kiss that changes everything that happens from then on.

Never Kiss a Highlander

Never Kiss a Highlander: The McTiernays, Book 6

Author Michele Sinclair

Hamish and Mairead knew each other when they were younger, but now that Hamish has returned home to protect his clan, he starts to see Mairead as more than just a kid sister-like acquaintance. Although danger is all around them, these two still manage to participate in some heated seductions and sexy time alone. When the danger continues, Hamish and Mairead learn to handle both that and their own desires for one another, keeping the reader interested until the very end.

To Marry a Scottish Laird

To Marry a Scottish Laird

Author Lynsay Sands

When Highlander Campbell gets into a brawl and is stabbed, it is the boy he saved, Jo, who nurses him back to health. But, when Cam discovers that Jo is actually Joan, he is immediately intrigued by her. Joan has been tasked with bringing a scroll to the clan MacKay, but her travels are dangerous, which is why she is disguised as a boy in the first place. Soon they are in a relationship that sizzles, and they work together to deliver the scroll … with scrumptious, tempting delights along the way.

Author Maeve Greyson

Alec is a Highlander warrior who travels forward in time to protect a sacred heartstone. He disguises himself by working at a theme park that is Highlander based, and when a movie crew wants to film on the property, he finally agrees – something he’s never done before. Sadie is the assistant who has to report to him daily, but the two find much more in common than just the park as soon as they meet, and suddenly Alec is more interested in his personal life than in his mission.

Highlander's Ransom

Highlander's Ransom: The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy, Book 1

Author Emma Prince

Laird Robert and Lord Raef are bitter enemies, and Robert decides to kidnap Raef’s fiancée and then ask for a ransom for her return. But, Lady Alwin is a strong and determined woman who wants to be no one’s forced bride, so when she finds that Robert has had them secretly wed, she is determined to regain her freedom. There’s only one problem – Robert is more scrumptious than she was prepared for, and suddenly the marriage doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

The Highlander's Bargain

The Highlander's Bargain: The Novels of Loch Moigh, Book 2

Author Barbara Longley

Robley is interested in some adventure before settling down, so he is thrilled when a faerie asks him to retrieve her stolen property in exchange for tokens that will carry him across the centuries. Erin is a nurse and future midwife who suddenly finds herself in Robley’s presence, and she decides to use her psychic and magical abilities to help him with his mission. Filled with romance, action, and adventure, this is one story you will never forget.

Kiss of the Highlander

Kiss of the Highlander: Highlander, Book 4

Author Karen Marie Moning

A Highland laird named Drustan has been slumbering in a cave for centuries, but after meeting a beautiful lass who shows him his future, he decides to work to prevent that future from happening. Gwen came to Scotland for a well-deserved vacation, but when she slips down a ravine and lands in the presence of the most handsome man she’s ever seen, she goes back to the 16th century with him to help him with his mission, even though she is unprepared for what may happen next.

The Highlander Next Door

The Highlander Next Door (A Spellbound Falls Romance Book 6)

Author Janet Chapman

Birch and Niall both have secrets. Birch has sworn off men and is in charge of a women’s shelter. Niall is a gruff cop who also has a sensitive side. While Birch wonders why Niall seems to be from another time period, she is much more attracted to him than she is willing to admit. However, if he wants to keep her, both of them will have to come clean about the secrets they’re keeping, and that might be much more difficult than either of them realize.

The Highlander's Gift

The Highlander's Gift: The Sutherland Legacy Series, Book 1

Author Eliza Knight

When Sir Niall breaks off an engagement because a wound has left him unable to be a proper husband to anyone, he assumes this is the end of his love life. The beautiful Bella is the daughter of an important earl and can have anyone she wants – except that she wants no one. When they decide on a marriage in name only, they believe that their charade will benefit both of them, until they find unexpected love and desire that they never knew before.

The Highlander's Hidden Heart

The Highlander's Hidden Heart

Author Kathryn Le Veque

Jackston has returned to the highlands to take his rightful place as his father’s heir, which includes becoming engaged to a girl named Lizelle. However, one of the first things he learns is that things have changed in his land, and not in a good way. He meets a beautiful woman he desires immediately, and since Lizelle has become such an unpleasant character, why should he marry her anyway? But, traditions die hard, and he is torn between true love and a vow made for him in his childhood.

Reckoning: Lost Highlander

Reckoning (Lost Highlander, 4)

Author Cassidy Cayman

Piper and Lachlan have a love that spans the test of time – literally. When Lachlan finds himself trapped in the 18th century, he is determined to keep leading his clan and to find Piper. But his clan mostly wants him dead, and he has to figure out how to set history on the right course. Can he do this without ending up dead like the story ended before, or will he end up charting a different course and being with Piper forever?

Highlander for the Holidays

Highlander for the Holidays (Pine Creek Highlanders Series Book 8)

Author Janet Chapman

Jessie lives in a small town in Maine and is recuperating from a vicious attack. When she meets Ian, who looks as though he just stepped out of the Scottish Highlands, the attraction is fierce and mutual. Later, she is walking in the woods and comes across a hermit who sells her a magic walking stick that promises to get rid of the pain in her past and keep Ian all to herself. A unique, irresistible story with characters you will not soon forget.

Author Elizabeth Rose

Fia has both Scottish and English blood, and when war breaks out between the two countries she ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A laird named Alastair is wounded on English soil and finds a secret garden to recuperate in, and the first thing he does is meet Fia, whom he saved years earlier. Fia decides to return the favor and help him recover, but when his life becomes endangered once again, he takes drastic measures by kidnapping her and keeping her hostage.

Only with a Highlander

Only With a Highlander (Pine Creek Highlanders Series Book 5)

Author Janet Chapman

Winter owns an art gallery, and it is there that she meets Matt, who asks her to do some drawings of his dream house for him. But, Winter is a MacKeage and must stay true to her calling, which means denying her mortal desires. The more she works with Matt, the more attracted to him she is, but what will she do in the end – fulfill her destiny or give up everything to be with the only man she’s ever really loved?

Outlaw King

Outlaw King (Renegade Scots Book 1)

Author Julie Johnstone

Robert is a Scottish warrior who is fighting to keep his country from being taken over by English forces. Elizabeth is ordered by the King of England to seduce Robert and learn of his secrets, but when she meets him, something amazing happens. The king has threatened to kill Elizabeth’s cousin if she doesn’t go through with her mission, but when she and Robert develop a special relationship, she finds it more and more difficult to go through with her promise.

Author L.L. Muir

Jillian finds herself in 15th century Scotland and believes she has to rescue Romeo and Juliet from their tragic fate. She also finds her own Romeo named Montgomery, but Montgomery has secrets he is intent on keeping from her. Jillian is supposed to expose Montgomery for what he is, but instead she finds herself becoming deeply attracted to him. The perfect combination of love and angst, this is one story that will keep you guessing right up to the end.

Author Maeve Greyson

Grant comes from 10th century Scotland to present-day North Carolina and runs a Highlander based theme park. When he meets Joanna, her uniqueness and independence immediately makes him swoon. Joanna is attracted to him as well, but for them to be together she will first have to give him some lessons on the ins and outs of the modern-day woman, because this is the only way she can trust him with her heart.

The Most Eligible Bachelor in Scotland

The Most Eligible Highlander in Scotland: McTiernay Brothers Series, Book 7

Author Michele Sinclair

Conan is not interested in marriage. Right now all he wants is to fight with his Scottish brothers to keep the English from taking over their country. When he is assigned the task of bringing back a Highland lass named Mhairi to his family’s castle, what happens next is anything but ordinary. Mhairi is just as determined as he is to stay away from love, yet the two cannot keep their eyes off of one another. But, in this story, happiness comes with a few challenges, so they must work hard to stay together.

Never Love a Highlander

Never Love a Highlander

Author Maya Banks

Caelen has agreed to marry his brother’ jilted lover, and Rionna goes along with the plan because she feels it is her duty to do so. But, they both get more than they bargained for with this arrangement, because Caelen’s touch brings Rionna to her knees, and Caelen can’t stop thinking about his new bride. Even with the political stakes involved, the two are determined to stay together till death do them part.

Wedding the Highlander

Wedding the Highlander (Pine Creek Highlanders Series Book 3)

Author Janet Chapman

Libby’s car spins out of control while she’s in Maine and crashes into a pond. She is rescued by the handsome Michael MacBain, a Highlander who is only in this time period due to a wizard’s spell. He is a proud warrior who has been hurt by a modern woman in the past, but Libby seems different, and she awakens feelings in him that he hasn’t felt in a very long time. A captivating and magical story with characters you will fall in love with.

Beyond the Highland Mist

Beyond the Highland Mist: Highlander, Book 1

Author Karen Marie Moning

Hawk was a predator on the battlefield and could have any woman he wanted, but he steered clear of love and its commitments. When he meets Adrienne, a modern-day Seattle woman transported to medieval Scotland, however, his feelings change. They become engaged, but Adrienne intends to keep him at arm’s length because she feels she is too independent for where she is now living. But, how long will it last, considering the two are becoming more attracted to one another with each passing day?

Highlander Betrayed

Highlander Betrayed: Guardians of the Targe, Book 1

Author Laurin Wittig

Nicholas and Rowan have a deep attraction to one another, but unbeknownst to Rowan, Nicholas has been tasked with a mission that may ruin their relationship if Rowan finds out about it. To be together, Nicholas has to betray the king, his family, and his country. But, his love for Rowan grows every day, and in the end the decision he has to make is much more difficult than he ever imagined it would be.

Tempting the Highlander

Tempting the Highlander (Pine Creek Highlanders Series Book 4)

Author Janet Chapman

Robbie is a sexy single foster parent who needs a housekeeper so he can travel back to medieval Scotland, and Catherine is who he hires to do the job. Robbie has to find a book of spells so he can save his family, and he wants Catherine to go with him so that they can take the adventure together. He has a challenge on his hands, but he is determined to keep Catherine by his side – and seal his family’s fate – so that love will reign in both of these areas.

Author Norma Gail

Bonny is a college professor who accepts a position in Scotland after she is dumped by her fiancée. When she meets Kieran, she is unaware that he has tragedy in his past, just like she does. Enjoy a story that spans from New Mexico to the Scottish Highlands and takes you through a journey filled with faith, grief, and of course, love.

Taming the Highlander

Taming the Highlander: Scottish Relic Trilogy, Book 2

Author May McGoldrick

Innes has a gift that allows her to “read” who people are underneath, but it is a gift that causes her to remain hidden in a castle because of its challenges. Conall is an earl with both physical and emotional scars he is hiding, and when the two meet, sparks fly. But, with danger approaching and secrets that neither of them wish to share, does this relationship stand a chance or will it be doomed from the very beginning?

The Sinner

The Sinner: The Return of the Highlanders, Book 2

Author Margaret Mallory

Alex is a warrior with incredible skills on the battlefield, and Glynis is well-known throughout the Highlands. When the two wed, their relationship is built mostly on passion, but will this be enough to keep them together, or can they work together to fight the enemy that is determined to take away everything they love? This is one story that will draw you in and keep you interested until the very last page.

The Chieftain

The Chieftain

Author Margaret Mallory

Connor is a chieftain who is fighting with rival clans for a happy ending, and even though he is attracted to Ilysa, a woman with the gift of foresight, he feels he must marry a woman from a more powerful family to help him succeed both on and off the battlefield. But, when Ilysa senses that he’s in danger, is it possible for her to come to him and convince him that she is the one who can save his life – in more ways than one?

Dangerous in a Kilt

Dangerous in a Kilt (Hot Scots Book 1)

Author Ann Durand

Erica is a good girl who is nonetheless charged with a crime that she didn’t commit, and as she is convinced she’ll be convicted, she aims to have one night of hot sex before she heads off to jail. She goes to a nightclub and meets a handsome Scot named Lachlan, and they agree to one month of commitment-free sex. Soon, however, her ex and his past catch up with them, and their lust for one another becomes more than either of them can handle.

Claimed by the Highlander

Claimed by the Highlander: Highlander Series #2

Author Julianne MacLean

Angus is a fearsome warrior, and Lady Gwendolen lives in the castle that he has attacked. If they marry, their two clans can unite, but is a forced marriage ever really worth the cost? Gwendolen proves that Angus can have her body, but she is determined not to let him have her heart. At least this is how her story starts out, but how long will that goal last?

In Bed with a Highlander

In Bed with a Highlander

Author Maya Banks

Ewan is a warrior that is determined to keep away from love so that he can concentrate only on his task at hand, and that is to take back what his family has lost. Mairin is the illegitimate daughter of the king and the possessor of prized property that everyone wants, making her desirable by many different men. She is not interested in a commitment, but when she is forced to marry Ewan, she is surprised what his touch does to her. As war draws near and Ewan must prepare for another battle, their relationship has to take a back seat – but not for long.

Claimed by a Highlander

Claimed by a Highlander: The Douglas Legacy, Book 2

Author Margaret Mallory

The four Douglas sisters are beautiful, but they are also pawns in their family’s desire to control the Scottish crown. Their enemies strike and each lass is left alone to fight them. This is the story of Rory and Sybil and the challenges they face trying to avoid an arranged and loveless marriage. The tale is timeless and spontaneous, and filled with the unexpected. It is definitely worth the read.

Too Scot to Handle

Too Scot to Handle (Windham Brides Book 2)

Author Grace Burrowes

An enchanting love story with strong heroines and sexy heroes. A former captain in the army, Colin is determined to stay single as long as possible. When the demure Anwen asks for his help raising money for a local orphanage, he quickly obliges. It starts out as a purely platonic relationship, but quickly escalates to something a lot stronger. But, Colin has enemies determined to destroy him, so he and Anwen have their work cut out for them.

Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most Wanted: Montgomerys and Armstrongs, Book 2

Author Maya Banks

Genevieve stays behind the walls of a castle with a cruel laird who is bent on making her life miserable. When Bowen storms the gates of the castle to wreak havoc on the opposing clan, the two are immediately attracted to one another. But, if Bowen wants to have Genevieve, he has to give her back the freedom that was stolen from her, and this may be a lot more difficult than he ever imagined.

Highlander in Her Dreams

Highlander in Her Dreams

Author Allie Mackay

Kira has dreamed of Aidan many times, but when she is transported back to 14th century Scotland and meets him in person, she is unsure what to do next. But, Aidan’s enemies waste no time in attacking everything he loves, and if his and Kira’s relationship is going to survive, their courage and love will need to be strong enough to stand the test of time. Magic has brought these two together, but will they also need magic to stay together?

To Wed a Wicked Highlander

To Wed a Wicked Highlander: Bad Boys of the Highlands, Book 3

Author Victoria Roberts

Alexander is a laird who has a choice to make: stay obligated to his duty or lose his heart to the woman who betrayed him, who just happens to be his wife. Lady Sybella searches for a seeing stone and discovers a dark secret. What will she choose in the end – the family who raised her, or the man who has stolen her heart? An action-packed story that is also a lot of fun, with unexpected twists and turns from the first page to the last.

Finding Fraser

Finding Fraser

Author K.C. Dyer

Emma is on the brink of turning 30 and sells everything she owns to travel to Scotland to find the man of her dreams. She has dreamed of finding a Highlander to marry for many years, but while she’s in Scotland trying to find him, she just may find herself as well. Finding a man such as Jamie Fraser, who only exists between the pages of a book, is filled with challenges and self exploration, but this is one story that will make you believe in happy endings again.

The Last Highlander

The Last Highlander (Time Passages Romance Series , No 13)

Author Claire Cross

Morgan is an American traveling through Scotland who gets accosted by a wonderful and handsome stranger who tells her an unusual tale. He says he is from the 14th century and that she is a medieval sorceress who has summoned him to her kingdom. A very original tale that includes interesting twists and a great back-and-forth action that will keep you enthralled and captivated to the very end. If you love Highlander tales that involve time travel, this book is for you.

Highlander's Redemption

Highlander's Redemption: The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy, Book 2

Author Emma Prince

Garrick is sent on a covert operation and meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, but Jossalyn is also the sister of his family’s mortal enemy. But, Jossalyn’s brother is a cruel man, and she has healing skills that she is anxious to utilize. As they all race against time to get what they want, will these two ever find one another and beat the odds so they can be together? Love and adventure from an author who really knows how to tell a story.

Shadow Highlander

Shadow Highlander: Dark Sword, Book 5

Author Donna Grant

Galen is sent to the world of the Druids to find a relic that will help him defeat his enemies, but once he gets there he finds something even more intriguing and dangerous – a beautiful, charming woman named Reaghan. She is immune to his mind-reading skills, and he is the only one who makes her feel safe. But, in order for them to be together, Galen has to defeat the darkness that is all around her, which could prove to be more difficult than he thought.

Betting the Scot

Betting the Scot

Author Jennifer Trethewey

When Declan spots Caya, he knows she is the woman in his dreams who is destined to be his wife, but Caya wants nothing to do with dreams and fairy-tale endings. Besides, Caya is on her way to the north of Scotland to marry someone and settle her brother’s gambling debt. But, Declan is far more experienced at other things in life than he is at winning a woman’s heart, so winning the lovely Caya is starting out to be more difficult than he thought.

The Devil Wears Kilts

The Devil Wears Kilts: Scandalous Highlanders Series, #1

Author Suzanne Enoch

Sometimes, bigger really is better. When the marquis Ranulf sets out to find his runaway sister, he doesn’t expect to also find the beautiful Lady Charlotte. Yet, she looks at him like another hot-headed man and barely gives him the time of day. However, Lady Charlotte finds him oddly appealing, and this brash Highlander ends up being just as dangerous in the ballroom as he is on the battlefield, something that Lady Charlotte was unprepared for. A scandalous tale that will have you cheering for this couple right up to the end.


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