25+ Best Plain Jane Romance Novels (Includes Historical)

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Trying to find the next best plain jane romance novel? Check out our top picks which include a variety of western, historical and more…

best plain jane romance novels

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His Plain Jane (Happily Ever After Book 3)His Plain Jane by L. Nicole

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Plain Jane and the Hitman (Plain Jane Series Book 1)Plain Jane and the Hitman by Tmonique Stephens
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Plain Jane and the Mafia BeastPlain Jane and the Mafia Beast by Sam CrescentView on Amazon
The Hook Up (Game On Series Book 1)The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan
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Plain Jane

Plain Jane (The House for the Season Series)

Author M.C. Beaton

Number 67 on Clarges Street seems to be unlucky for its tenants. At one time, a woman named Clara was killed while living there, and now, a Plain Jane nicknamed Little Jane is determined to solve the mystery of Clara’s death. Constantly being overshadowed by her gorgeous older sister, Jane heads out into the London social scene for clues, and along the way she gets more than she bargained for, including intrigue, danger, and more mystery than she was ready to handle.

Plain Jane

Plain Jane

Author Fern Michaels

Jane is a doctor with a thriving psychotherapy practice, but she still sometimes sees glimpses of the frumpy girl she used to be a long time ago in the mirror. But, she has never forgotten about Michael, who she wanted a relationship with, but whom has been gone for a long time. Now, several worlds collide when she becomes involved in the unsolved murder of the woman who was once the high school prom queen, and Jane has to be careful with both friendships and romances until the killer is caught.

Author Lacy Williams

Meet Sam and Mallory, whose friendship has lasted for quite some time. While Mallory pines for Sam, he thinks of her only as the kid sister of his friend, a plain Jane type that he normally doesn’t get involved with. But, that’s about to change, when Mallory goes out on an all-out attack to change the way she looks so that Sam will finally notice her. If you like a clean, sweet story with a happy ending and no cheating, this is one book worth reading.


Idol (VIP Book 1)

Author Kristen Callihan

Killian is a rock star who finds himself sprawled out on Libby’s front lawn after he’s had too much to drink, and Libby takes him in to take care of him. But, Libby isn’t the type of girl Killian is used to falling for, because she’s a recluse, a hermit. However, the more time they spend together the more they are attracted to one another, and it isn’t long before Killian has to make a choice – one that is much more difficult for him than he’d ever imagined.


Managed (VIP Book 2)

Author Kristen Callihan

When an ordinary girl sits next to the manager of the hottest rock group in the world on a flight to London, there is no telling what will happen next. But, when that girl, Sophie, is hired to improve the band’s image on social media, she gets tired of him looking down his nose at her. Soon, however, their very different personalities start to become an attribute, and while she teaches him how to have fun, he will teach her some things about music – plus a little bit more.

Siren's Wave

Siren's Wave: A Rock and Roll Love Story (Indie Rock Star Book 1)

Author J.A. Hazel

Bran is an American rock star in Australia who wishes to ditch girls, his sanity, and even his sobriety. Ava is a plain-looking girl working at the Australian record label, and she’s tired of cocky musicians coming into her building and trying to catch her attention. But, when Bran walks in, things are different. Bran is immediately attracted to her, and he even starts a campaign to get her into his life, but will his plan be successful in the end, or will she defend herself and keep to her promise of not dating rockers?

The Unflappable Miss Fairchild

The Unflappable Miss Fairchild (Uncommon Courtships Book 1)

Author Regina Scott

Anne is a practical woman trying to find a husband in Regency England, mostly because she has aunts to take care of and she needs the money. Chas is the black sheep of his family and continuously shocks society with his escapades – escapades that Anne knows all about. But, inside of Chas beats a very lonely heart, and it isn’t long before Anne can see right through him. Suddenly, these two lonely people decide their union would be perfect for many reasons, so they agree to give it a shot.

The Husband Mission

The Husband Mission (The Spy Matchmaker Book 1)

Author Regina Scott

Katherine has been spying on Alexander in hopes that he’ll make the perfect husband for her sister Constance, since Constance has to marry within the next six weeks to get her inheritance. Katherine is nothing out of the ordinary, but when Alex finally meets her, he is intrigued by her. After all, his business is espionage, and if Katherine is good enough to spy on him, what might they do if they were to marry and start working together for the good of others?

Heaven, Texas

Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars Book 2)

Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Gracie wants bad-boy Bobby Tom to come back to Texas to star in a movie that is being filmed there, but this is one man who has many reservations about his movie-star image. And, he certainly isn’t that excited about being a subordinate to a wallflower such as Gracie. Instead, he decides he wants to give her a complete makeover so she is no longer the “plain Jane” that he is used to. A story of two people who discover true love and passion in the unlikeliest place.

The Proposition

The Proposition

Author Judith Ivory

Lady Edwina is prim and proper, and the linguist is helping the incorrigible Mick to be a functioning member of society. But, in addition to being preened for London’s high society, Mick would also like for Edwina to teach him a few other things – like what she is like in bed. Edwina is attracted to him as well, but because of her standing in society and her occupation, she is not yet ready for him to know how much his smile makes her swoon.

The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing

The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing (Cooper Creek Book 1)

Author Brenda Minton

Maddie is a prim-and-proper schoolteacher and Jackson is a reformed rebel trying to get rid of his bad-boy image once and for all. These two people couldn’t be any different, but even though they each have their own demons and fears, something happens at Christmas time that brings them together. They are charged with giving a foster child a home, and it ends up being the best Christmas gift that any of them will ever get.

Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife

Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife (Pregnant Brides Book 2)

Author Lynne Graham

Sergei is a Russian billionaire who is used to being knee-deep in women and wine, but when he realizes his mother wants grandchildren, he starts to look for a wife. His plan is simple and he goes at it with a business-like approach. He will marry, get her pregnant, then let her go free. At least, that’s what he intends to do. But, as many people already know, the heart has a mind of its own, and sometimes fate has other plans for people.

One Unashamed Night

One Unashamed Night (Wellinghams Book 2)

Author Sophia James

Beatrice-Maude is 28 years old and has no prospects of being married, mostly because she is a plain Jane and has never thought she could. But, when she meets Lord Taris, things change. Taris is sort of an ugly duckling himself, having lost nearly all of his eyesight and steering away from society. When the two meet, they find they have a lot in common, so it is very possible that these two lonely hearts will find just what they are looking for in the other one.

Secret Fire

Secret Fire

Author Johanna Lindsey

Lady Katherine is roaming the streets one night and is mistaken for a prostitute by Prince Dimitri, who then kidnaps her because he wants to have sex with her. Their relationship is rocky and complex, and Dimitri takes her to numerous countries with him, all the while she is unsure what their relationship actually is. After some time, however, they come to the conclusion that they need to stay together for one reason and one reason only – they are in love.

The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway

The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway (Dukes Of War)

Author Erica Ridley

When a gentleman hires a pirate, now a bounty hunter, to find his mother-in-law and bring her back to England, he is surprised to find a young woman instead of an older one. But, this ordinary woman quickly charms everyone on board, and even though the relationship between Clara and Captain Blackheart starts off slowly, they soon realize they want to be in each other’s lives. Of course, she loves the land and he loves the sea, so being together might be more difficult than either of them imagine.

The Warrior's Touch

The Warrior's Touch

Author Michelle Willingham

Connor is a warrior, and it’s something he’s good at. In fact, he lives for it, so when his hands are crushed and he can no longer fight, he is naturally devastated. Aileen is the one chosen to tend to his wounds and get him healthy again, and her determination is just as strong as his is. Unfortunately, she also has a secret that could destroy not only the two of them, but also any chances they may have of being together. It could mean that his heart will remain broken long after his hands have healed, which leaves her with a very difficult decision to make.

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling: A Romantic Comedy

Author Annabelle Costa

Libby is an ugly duckling who decides to change her appearance so her prince will finally come, but once he does show up, she finds most of them to be rude and unfaithful. When she is introduced to her latest boyfriend’s roommate, Will, she doesn’t take notice at first. After all, he is plain just like she used to be, and he rides around in a wheelchair. But, soon, she starts to take notice of him, and she comes to realize that maybe a man can be an ugly duckling and the prince she’s always wanted at the same time.

Flirting with Fire

Flirting with Fire (Blue Collar Brothers Book 1)

Author Piper Rayne

When a woman is scheduled to be in a charity auction and her friends set her up with her old high-school crush, she gets a little nervous. After all, he was the captain of the football team who could’ve had any girl he wanted, and she was “fatty Maddy” and unable to get a date with anyone. Now, Mauro is a firefighter, but he is still as hot as ever, but Maddy is still determined to go on one date and one date only, then relegate him back to her memories like the rest of her high-school antics. At least that was her plan.

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Author Iris Johansen

This book has it all, including a plain heroine who gets caught up in a nightmare and the man who rescues her. It is filled with drug cartels and people that may be either good or bad, not to mention money laundering, evil, and of course, good guys, too. It is a fast-paced novel that you will likely read over and over again and not get tired of.

Sugar Pine Trail

Sugar Pine Trail: A Clean & Wholesome Romance (Haven Point Book 7)

Author RaeAnne Thayne

Julia is everything you ever expected from a librarian – shy, plain, and quiet. When she falls for a sexy neighbor named Jamie, she tries to keep it a secret from him, but after two young boys end up in her care for the holidays, she ends up needing his help to take care of them. But, as Christmas gets closer and both she and the boys get closer to Jamie, Julia wonders if this arrangement just might be permanent one day.

Lord of Secrets

Lord of Secrets: Regency Romance Novel (Rogues to Riches Book 5)

Author Erica Ridley

Eleanor is prim and proper, but she has a secret. She is the one who is sketching the penny caricatures that are rocking London’s high society. She loves her anonymity and she desperately needs the money. But, on the other side is Heath, who is a problem solver for London’s elite. He is on the other end of the social spectrum from Nora, and he is the one person who can expose what she does for a living, so why is she finding herself more and more drawn to him?

Girl in the Mirror

Girl in the Mirror

Author Mary Alice Monroe

Charlotte has a physical deformity that causes everyone to stare because they are horrified by her looks. But, when she discovers that a doctor can make her beautiful again, she becomes his patient. But, as beautiful as the new Charlotte is, the old Charlotte is still there screaming to get out, and when it comes to her love life and her past, nothing has really changed. This is why Charlotte must approach everything with caution, at least until she gets a handle on the “new” her.

The Honeymoon Trap

The Honeymoon Trap

Author Christina Hovland

With well-developed characters and an excellent storyline, this story starts off when Lucy discovers a gorgeous man and finds out three things about him: first, he lives right next door; second, he’s her old high-school crush; and third, he is now her new boss. But, any one of these things is enough to wreak havoc on her life, let alone all three of them. And, when the escapades at work become more personal than business-related, Lucy is unsure what to do next.

Author Susan Wiggs

Isadora is living in the 1850s and is a misfit who has accomplished very little in her life. This is why she gets on board a boat to Rio de Janeiro, where she hopes to start all over again. Ryan is from a family with a good name and is on the same boat, and although his job is now to right a certain wrong, he still finds it difficult to stay away from Isadora, who is feisty and temperamental if nothing else.

Pursued by the Rogue

Pursued by the Rogue (The Fairy Tales of New York Series Book 1)

Author Kelly Hunter

Dawn is an ugly duckling who isn’t into relationships, and she’s sticking to that plan – until she meets a musician named Finn. Convinced he’ll never truly love her, Dawn sets up an arrangement that allows them to have casual, commitment-free sex, and nothing else. All is going well until Finn sees Dawn in an entirely different way. Suddenly, he wants to get rid of the first contract they made and write up a whole new one – one that will allow him and Dawn to stay together forever.

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