21+ Best Doctor Patient Romance Novels

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Looking for something to keep you occupied in the waiting room? Check out our picks for the best doctor patient romance novels below…


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MERCY: A NovelMERCY: A Doctor-Patient Romance by KC Decker

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Dr. DanDr. Dan by K WebsterView on Amazon
A Difficult PatientA Difficult Patient by Loke Renard
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Sincerely, Summer: A Small Town Strangers to Lovers RomanceSincerely, Summer by Nikki Bloom
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Resisting the Doctor

Resisting the Doctor (Marietta Medical Book 1)

Author Patricia W. Fischer

Thomas is an ER physician glad to be at a rural hospital where the pace is a bit slower than what he’s used to. Lucy is the interim director of the hospital and hoping the position will become permanent. Thomas is only there because someone there saved his life when he was attacked, and he intends on leaving as soon as he can. But, once he meets Lucy, he starts to question his plans, because the two of them are becoming closer and closer every day.

Stone Vows

Stone Vows (A Stone Brothers Novel)

Author Samantha Christy

Kyle is a doctor who comes across Elizabeth, who is pregnant and having complications. They admit her to the hospital and discover she needs to stay there until she gives birth. Kyle is assigned to her case and finds himself falling in love with her. However, after she gives birth she disappears, so Kyle hires a private investigator to find her. Soon, she ends up on his doorstep, and from then on, he is determined to protect her from all of the demons in her life, regardless of what those demons are.

Author Faleena Hopkins

Caden is a physician and Elizabeth is the doctor in charge of interns like him. Even though she holds his fate in her hands, it is him that is driving her crazy. She dreams about him constantly, and when she finally has enough of wanting him, she decides to take a chance on their relationship. This story has realistic characters you’ll love and an ending you’ll appreciate, so dive right in and enjoy the ride.

The Doctor's Little Girl

The Doctor's Little Girl

Author Alex Reynolds

When Molly takes a job at a doctor’s office, she is half way expecting to be fired soon, because this is what has happened in all of her other jobs. But, Andrew, the doctor, takes her under his wing and teaches her how to succeed at her job so she can keep it. Soon, it becomes obvious they are attracted to one another, with Andrew even giving her a spanking at one point. Their hot and steamy relationship is one you’ll revel in, and the storyline is one you won’t be able to get enough of.

Doctor's Dilemma

Doctor’s Dilemma

Author Richard L. Mabry, M.D.

Tyler is a doctor whose life is in somewhat of a mess. He not only has student debts to pay off, but his father’s debts as well after his father dies in a plane crash. When he accepts a job offer he believes will take care of all of his financial problems, he thinks he’s headed in the right direction. But, when a phone call warns him that nothing in that clinic is what it seems, his heart sinks. The only bright spot is a nurse named Ashley, and he is counting on that to be what saves him.

Author Darling Adams

Darren and Chloe have a very physical relationship consisting of lots of role play, BDSM, spanking, and erotic sex. The problem? Darren is a doctor – more specifically, an OB/GYN – and Chloe is his nurse. Their escapades are hot and steamy, and there are plenty of them to enjoy. But, how long can this relationship last considering what their working relationship is like? Of course, neither of them intends on giving up the relationship anytime soon, so that should never be a problem.

The Doctor's Christmas Proposal

The Doctor's Christmas Proposal (The Gallaghers of Montana Book 3)

Author Eve Gaddy

Wyatt is a doctor and Mia is his best friend, even though they have already spent one hot, passionate night together. When Wyatt tries to escape his life by moving to Montana, he discovers that he is lonelier than he was prepared to be, so he invites Mia to come spend the Christmas holidays with him. But, the night he spent with Mia had a consequence, and it is a consequence he is about to meet head on. Will Mia’s secret bring these two closer together or tear them apart forever?

Dating the Doctor

Dating the Doctor: A Single Dad Romance

Author Piper Sullivan

Dani is a pediatrician who meets Ty, a single father. Ty is a widower who is looking for a mother for his son, and Dani has sworn off of love after a string of failed relationships. But, when they both sign up for a dating website, they end up together. And even though Ty is looking for a partner, but not a commitment, neither he nor Dani are prepared for how this story will end. An inspiring story with a very good ending that will appeal to all types of readers.

Dr. Daddy Next Door

Dr. Daddy Next Door: A Single Dad Romance

Author Piper Sullivan

Rory is only interested in writing her thesis, so even she is surprised when she ends up as a neighbor’s nanny to his seven-year-old daughter. Despite the age difference and the fact that Kane has been burned more than once, Rory attracts his attention like no other woman ever has. Soon their relationship explodes and their escapades become steamier, but how long will it last, especially when Kane’s daughter keeps making it more complicated?

Naughty Prescription

Naughty Prescription: A Bad Boy Medical Romance

Author Tia Lewis & Penelope Marshall

Anna moves to California to get a fresh start, and John is a skilled surgeon living the commitment-free lifestyle he adores. Soon, however, things get lonely for him, and when he goes online to find someone, he ends up with Anna. John and Anna have an instant connection, but he is forced to walk away when people find out about their relationship. Some time later he sees Anna with another man, and he decides at that point to get her back, regardless of the cost.

Surviving Doctor Vincent

Surviving Doctor Vincent: The Good Doctor Trilogy - Book #2

Author Renea Mason

Elaine is involved with three different men, but not all three relationships are the same. Xavier is a doctor and medical icon who she’s attracted to, Sebastian is his long-term friend, and Marco, the doctor’s protégé. She is also a member of a group called The Society, making it more complicated than ever, but also making her more determined to make the right decision. A risqué, sexy, and steamy book filled with a lot of fun scenes and characters that you’ll be able to relate to.

Author Tory Baker

Tabitha needs a date for her sister’s wedding, especially since her sister is marrying her ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t want family pity at the ceremony, so she hires Brody, a doctor, to pretend to be her boyfriend. But, unbeknownst to her, Brody has wanted Tabitha for a very long time, which means playing the part will not be a problem for him. Given the circumstances, the relationship between Tabitha and Brody shouldn’t stand a chance, but things aren’t always what they seem.

Doctor L

Doctor L: A Fake Relationship Romance (Doctor's Orders Book 3)

Author Lilian Monroe

Dave has hated Izzy ever since the crash that killed his parents and sister, but Izzy lost her best friend in that accident, so she is not unscathed by it. When Dave asks her to marry him, she is surprised, but what she doesn’t realize is that his inheritance depends on her saying “yes.” But, is this the only reason he is proposing to her? And will this be enough to turn this couple from bitter enemies to a happily married couple?

Dr. Cora's Clinic

Dr. Cora's Clinic: An Age-Play Medical Fantasy

Author Jennie May

Dr. Cora has a clinic taking care of boys and girls, but there’s something unique about it. These boys and girls are all grown up, and the role playing she offers them is what kinky dreams are made of. She only takes temperatures the old-fashioned way, and she even gives her patients spankings when they need them. Eventually, Dr. Cora feels a void in her life, but is it possible for her to find a fulfilling relationship, considering what she does for a living? You’ll have to read the story to find out.

Trauma Plan

Trauma Plan (Grace Medical series Book 1)

Author Candace Calvert

Riley is an ER nurse who is recuperating from a vicious attack, and until her own hospital says it’s okay to come back to work, she decides to volunteer at a free clinic that many citizens are trying to shut down. Jack is in charge of the clinic and rules it with an iron fist, and the two of them are immediately attracted to one another. Eventually, the attempts to close the clinic become stronger, but will Jack’s upcoming fight cause the clinic to shut down and his relationship with Riley to end?

Doctor O

Doctor O: A Romantic Comedy (Doctor's Orders Book 1)

Author Lilian Monroe

Clay and Val are attracted to one another, but there is a problem. Clay is her doctor, which means their relationship can’t really move forward like they want it to. This story is captivating and often funny, and the two main characters have a relationship that is explosive. Add to this a past relationship of Clay’s, well-developed characters, and twists and turns you didn’t expect, and you’ll understand why this story has been enjoyed by so many readers.

Doctor O-Maker

Author Madison Faye

Natalie has never had an orgasm, and when she goes to the doctor to find out why, she ends up with more than she bargained for. Soon she is in a relationship with “Doctor O,” and her sex life takes a turn for the better. A steamy story with a defined storyline and characters you’ll be rooting for, especially if you enjoy a lot of naughty sex, instant attractions, and mind-blowing trysts that will have you clamoring for more.

Doctor Babymaker

Author Madison Faye

When Ada, a wealthy woman from a very prominent family, comes to the fertility clinic to make sure she can carry a baby, a doctor named Jackson is assigned to her case. The problem? Jackson is automatically turned on by this young, sweet woman who just needs to be assured that she can procreate. After determining that she is, indeed, fertile, the doctor decides that he should be the only one to impregnate her, and he becomes obsessed with inserting himself into the woman’s life so he can do just that.

The Baby Doctor

The Baby Doctor: Medical Romance Emergency Series (Medical Romance, Emergency Series Book 7)

Author Bobby Hutchinson

Morgan is an OB/GYN with a messy life, but it’s a life that she loves, which includes a pregnant foster daughter, a house filled with pets, and a career she can’t do without. When she meets a widower named Luke, she knows she has met her exact opposite. Luke is organized, quiet, and well groomed, but when these two meet, they are immediately attracted to one another. If you like stories that revolve around strong, but vulnerable women, hospital romances, and deep, dark secrets, this is the book for you.

Dr. Bad Boy

Dr. Bad Boy

Author Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller

Max is a doctor involved in a hot-and-heavy relationship with Violet, and their trysts are always filled with a lot of passion and heat. But, when Violet, an attorney, finds out that Max is her newest client, she believes they have a conflict of interest and that their relationship should end. But, Max is not ready to give her up just yet, so he has decided to fight for what he believes is his, even if it isn’t the prescription that Violet is hoping for.

Seduced by the Sheikh Doctor

Seduced By The Sheikh Doctor - A Small Town Doctor Romance (Small Town Sheikhs Book 2)

Author Holly Rayner

Paige is a waitress in a small town in Washington State who wants a family, so when a young, good-looking doctor comes into town, she is immediately smitten with him. Soon, she and Kehlan are in a relationship, and she finds out that not only is he a sheikh, but also a prince. But, when traditions and princely responsibilities start to overwhelm him, Kehlan runs away. Was Paige responsible for his leaving, and will he ever come back so that their relationship can continue?

Rebel Pilot, Texas Doctor

Rebel Pilot, Texas Doctor (Devil's Rock at Whiskey River Book 1)

Author Eve Gaddy

Tobi is a doctor who returns to her hometown to practice medicine, and Travis operates a successful school for pilots after his pro baseball career was sidelined due to an injury. They knew each other in high school when Tobi was a tomboy, but now their grownup desires can be fulfilled, and soon they are doing just that. But, unbeknownst to Travis, an accident involving a plane has Tobi terrified of flying, so how can she continue her relationship with him if she can’t bring herself to fly?

Tempting Doctor Forever

Tempted Hearts (Barrett Ridge Book 2)

Author Holly Cortelyou

Samantha is a ninth-grade schoolteacher who once had a crush on Ethan, her brother’s best friend. So when Ethan, now a doctor, comes back in town to raise his son and start a clinic, she is stunned by how well he turned out. Ethan has closed off his heart because he wants to do right by his son, but when he meets up again with spunky Sam, he can’t help but loosen up those chains a little bit. After all, she is quite hot, and besides, she even gets along with his son.

Doctor D

Doctor D: A Single Dad Romance (Doctor's Orders Book 2)

Author Lilian Monroe

Elliot is a doctor with a secret. Emma is his employee. At first, Emma thinks Elliot is a jerk, and she is completely unaware that he is attracted to her. Later on, a business trip involving the two of them gives the good doctor the chance to succumb to his desires, and their relationship explodes. However, when someone comes to town threatening to disclose Elliot’s secret and, therefore, ruin his life, things get tense. Will this secret damage Elliot and even more importantly, his practice and his daughter?

Bad Boy M.D.

Bad Boy M.D. (Bad Boy Doctors Book 1)

Author Virna DePaul

Lauren and Ryan are doctors who work in the same hospital. When Ryan pursues Lauren, she gives him the cold shoulder. After all, her cheating ex-husband left her for one of his nurses, so she’s determined to stay away from doctors when looking for romance. That all changes when she meets Ryan. Ryan, who is 10 years her junior. Ryan, who is at the top of his game in many ways. If you’re going to heat up the E.R., why not do it with someone like him?

What Are the Two Main Types of Doctor Romance Books?

The Doctor Romance trope has been explored from various angles already. Perhaps that’s because there is something inherently sexy about medical romance novels. This trope is all about the pristine coats, the hot doctor who can repair both your body and heart, and the endless possibilities of delivering a good story.

That said, the most amazing Doctor Romance novels can be categorized into two main types: professional and non-professional.


This type of Doctor Romance novel tells a story about a relationship between two medical professionals. As such, the characters in romance books can involve doctors, nurses, researchers, and others in the field (instead of patients or other non-medical professionals).

While they can feel like an office romance at times, with sexy medical jargon involved, this type of story has a lot of potential, especially in the hands of a brilliant romance author.


A lot of you may enjoy swoon-worthy stories involving a successful heart surgeon and a romantic nurse. Yet, don’t you think it’s sexier when the chemistry involves a patient, as well? After all, not everyone can be a doctor or a nurse, but anyone can surely be a patient.

This makes this type of doctor romance more relatable to the average reader.

Please keep in mind that these are not the only Doctor Romance stories out there. You can find this kind of story combined with other themes. For instance, we particularly enjoy it when it’s interwoven with a compelling historical romance. It’s our favorite romance trope and the plot of many timeless love stories.

Why Do People Love Medical Romances?

There are three main reasons why medical romances are so popular. A lot of these books feature intrigue, power, and hope.


Most of the medical professionals we encounter are just that: professional. As such, they can be cold, severe, and detached.

It is part of their practice not to let their emotions get in the way. This can lead people to wonder what goes on behind the curtains. Can they be vulnerable to their emotions, too? And if so, to what extent?


The second crucial factor is the question of power. Even the strongest and most willful can experience weakness when faced with sickness. This puts medical professionals in a higher position, and, frankly, that can be incredibly sexy. A hot doctor telling you what you do? It’s the perfect prescription for romance!


Finally, reading about star-crossed lovers due to a life-threatening crisis can inspire, motivate, and even provide meaning, regardless if you’re going through the same situation or not.

The crisis doesn’t even always have to be a medical condition. It can come from war, ethical conflicts, and other forms of conflict. Combined with romance? That sounds like an excellent reading journey to us.

At the very least, they can speak to one’s compassion and empathy, even while rooting for the sweet romance developing between the characters involved. 

What’s Your Favorite?

The Doctor Romance books we listed are not the only selections available. These were simply the ones we’ve already read and enjoyed. We have dozens more in our TBR lists, and we’re sure you’ll find more in other published collections, given this type of romance’s popularity.

It’s also the reason why we always welcome recommendations ourselves. Feel free to leave your favorite titles in the comment section below.

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