Mafia Dragon’s Rejected Mate

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My home is cursed. Not a single one of us can leave. I’ve spent my entire life trapped on this island, with only my coven for company. The only visitors are a group of rough males – dragon shifters who run a supernatural mafia. They’re called Excido, which means ‘destroy.’ They trade in dark magic, in an underground market. As a potion maker, I’ve made the brews they sell. But my father forbids me from meeting them. He says they are ruthless and cruel. His warnings have only made me more curious. The mafia leader is a sexy male named Kane. He isn’t cruel to me. He takes me on picnics and sunset sails. He says he’s my mate. But Kane’s got a dark side. I see it firsthand when he rejects me. Will I ever recover from losing the love of my life?

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