Hunter’s Heart

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Hunter's Heart: Daughters of Elysium Book One

As a child, I was banished from the magical island of Elysium, sent to the mortal realm, for a mistake I didn’t make… Twelve years later, my once-best friend, werewolf prince Luca Ferrar, has been sent to bring me home. Elysium’s Oracle claims he’s my fated mate, and that together we are destined to stop the Darkness consuming Elysium. I can’t forgive Luca for not coming for me all those years ago. I can’t forgive my people for banishing me. And most importantly, I cannot fall in love with my sexy-as-sin fated mate. Unfortunately, nothing and no one in my life seems to be listening to what I want. Including me.

Hunter's Heart: Daughters of Elysium Book One



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