Dragon Daddy’s Nanny

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Dragon Daddy's Nanny (Misty Vale Shifters Book 1)

Downtrodden Amelia has decided it is her time to shine…and Fate has picked the mysterious mountain town of Misty Vale… When on her first day in town she meets the incredibly handsome and intimidating Dash Livingstone, she never could predict what was coming… now she is the nanny for Dash’s adorable daughter Nora, and fate seems to have even more in store for them all. Dash is a man among men, but she can sense there is more too him than meets the eye… As the tensions in town begin to rise between two powerful families, Amelia finds herself pulled into the century old secrets of Misty Vale, and finds out that Dash is part of that legacy…

Dragon Daddy's Nanny (Misty Vale Shifters Book 1)



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