Ballad of Nightmares

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Ballad of Nightmares: First Book in the Nightmares Duology

She appeared in a breath of smoke. Her long heels ticked with each calculated step. Light caught in the gleam of the intricate silver claw on her finger. She held her chin high as she stalked through the crowd, and the people unknowingly parted ways. As though she were bending them to her silent will. He knew her. Or at least… he knew of her. She had toppled four monarchies already, and he knew his own was next on her list. She was a siren in the moonlight. An enchantress of desirous evils. To fall under her spell would mean to kneel before her. The corner of his lips twitched at the thought. He would kneel… He knew he would. But she’d have to beg him first.

Ballad of Nightmares: First Book in the Nightmares Duology



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