12 Best Romantic Comedy Audiobooks to Listen To

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best romantic comedy audiobooks

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

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The Happy Ever After PlaylistThe Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

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The Overdue Life of Amy BylerThe Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms
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A Secret for a Secret: All In, Book 3A Secret for a Secret by Helly HuntingView on Amazon
The Rosie Project: A NovelThe Rosie Project: A Novel by Graeme Simsion
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Red, White & Royal Blue: A NovelRed, White & Royal Blue: A Novel by Casey McQuiston
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Trying to find the best romantic comedy audiobooks to listen to? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 12 options that we think you’re going to love…

The Unhoneymooners

The Unhoneymooners

Christina Lauren, et al.

If you’ve ever felt unlucky in love, this book is for you. It starts when Amy asks her twin sister Olive to be the maid of honor for her wedding. The future bride and groom have everything planned out just right, which includes Olive spending time with the best man, Ethan. The two are not exactly the best of friends, but when a case of food poisoning makes everyone except them sick and there’s a honeymoon in Hawaii up for grabs, they go for it.

The trouble is, while in Hawaii Olive meets up with her future boss and tells a little white lie that involves her relationship with Ethan. After a while, though, she starts to feel lucky instead of unlucky to be spending time with this young man, making her doubt everything she ever believed about love.


I Flipping Love You

I Flipping Love You

Helena Hunting, et al.

Rian and Pierce are both in real estate – she as a house-flipper finally getting back on her feet financially, and he as an assistant to his house-flipping brother because he needs a break from his career as a lawyer. They both work in the Hamptons, but when they set their eyes on the same piece of valuable property and sense an instant attraction to one another, how can things possibly go right?

This story has passion and undeniable attraction, but the listener is kept guessing until the end if their relationship can stand the flames that keep getting in the way of their goals in life.


Evvie Drake Starts Over: A Novel

Evvie Drake Starts Over: A Novel

Linda Holmes, et al.

Evvie and Dean are both dealing with painful pasts. She is still recovering from her husband’s death in a car crash the previous year, and he is a baseball player that suddenly has problems throwing like he used to. When Dean takes a break and rents an apartment in the back of Evvie’s house, they become fast friends, but that is about to change.

This is a story of two people starting over again and the long road from heartache to happiness. It is joyous and hilarious, and it is enough to warm anyone’s heart.


Her Perfect Revenge: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy

Her Perfect Revenge

Anna Mara

An emotional roller coaster of a ride, this is the story of Christina and Bill, who are pretending to be a couple to please Bill’s money-hungry father, William. Christina is doing it because she has a plan to get revenge on Bill, who she knew in high school. Bill is doing it because he thinks she’s hot, and William is showing signs that he is onto their plan right at the beginning.

This is a crazy, romantic story that will have you guessing what will happen next the entire time. If you want to enjoy a fun, lovable, and hilarious romantic comedy, this is the perfect book for you.


RJ Blain

This is an exciting, heart-pounding comedy about an ex-cop named Shane and his adventures in New York City. Add in some vampires, his parents, an FBI agent with a hidden agenda, and a sex trafficking ring targeting the woman of his dreams, and you get a story that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time. It starts with three corpses and a spitting llama, and it only gets weirder from there.

Sit back and relax, and enjoy this one-of-a-kind novel that you won’t soon forget. It’s a story filled with chaotic happenings and the prospects of a most unusual type of love, and it all centers around an ex-cop who’s trying to make his life go back to normal.

Back for More

Back for More

Kayley Loring

Lily works at her dad’s company for Wes, the man her father decided to groom for a position that she thinks belongs to her. The two aren’t exactly friends, but aren’t enemies, either, especially since they’ve sneaked in a few kisses now and again. Lily tried to make it as an actress, but it didn’t pan out, and now she is reluctantly starting over only because she can’t have the career she really wants.

The two are in a definite love/hate relationship, not knowing what is going to happen with each passing day. But as Lily tries to prove to both Wes and her father that she can work just as hard as they can, Wes is secretly trying to explore his relationship with Lily so that he can finally figure out what it’s about.


Coldhearted Boss

Coldhearted Boss

RS Grey

Take one woman who disguises herself as a man to get a job, one boss who is fierce to work for and seems to have ice water running through his veins, and watch the sparks fly, especially since the two of them have already met in a bar a few months earlier. Ethan is an arrogant boss who loves to drive his assistant crazy in more ways than one, and while that assistant is trying to just do her job without falling for the boss, things are getting steamier by the day.

With a chemistry that is off the charts, this is one couple who seem to set everything on fire when they get near one another, leaving you wondering what is going to happen next.


The Billionaire’s Wake-Up-Call Girl: An Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

The Billionaire's Wake-up-call Girl: An enemies-to-lovers grumpy-boss opposites-attract romantic comedy (Billionaires of Manhattan Book 2)

Annika Martin

Theo is a scrupulous and demanding boss who needs a wake-up-call girl, so his assistant Lizzie sets out to find one for him. The problem is, no one wants the job because they all know how difficult he can be. So what does Lizzie do? Start waking up Theo herself – at 4:30 a.m. every morning! Soon, their conversations get a little more personal, but Theo still doesn’t realize she’s actually his dowdy assistant.

Now, Theo is trying to find this mysterious woman, so how long can Lizzie hold out before she has to confess to him the truth? This funny, intriguing novel will have you guessing right up to the end!


Love, Lies, and Wedding Cake: The Perfect Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy

Love, Lies and Wedding Cake: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy (Love and Lies Book 2)

Sue Watson, et al.

Faye and Dan have an exciting relationship that includes fun adventures all over the world, but when Dan asks Faye to marry him and move to Australia, she is not sure she wants to move forward with their relationship. After all, she’s been married before and it didn’t end well; and besides, her daughter needs her here, so how can she even think about marrying again and moving halfway around the world?

If you love books about secrets, second chances, and doing what your heart tells you to do, this romantic comedy is for you.


Homicide in High Heels

Homicide in High Heels (High Heels Mysteries #8): a Funny Romantic Mystery

Gemma Halliday, et al.

When the “tanning salon killer” strikes again in a chic Beverly Hills salon, fashion designer Maddie Springer finds herself tasked with trying to find him. Along the way, she is helped by a crazy cast of characters, from friends and family to the stars of a reality TV show, and maybe even an entire baseball team. Follow these amazing and funny individuals as they work together to catch a ruthless killer, and find some romance in between their antics to keep the story even more interesting.

Part of a series that can be read on its own, Homicide in High Heels will have you laughing and guessing right up to the last page.


Rachel Magee

Reece is taking a break from her wedding-planning business to plan a political event instead. The event is a fundraiser for a law firm in town, and she and the head lawyer, Griffith, must work together to make it a success. She is trying to prove she can do more than just weddings; he is trying to make sure everything runs smoothly so that his political career can get off on the right track.

Although they both intend for this to be a business-only relationship, after just a few short weeks it all changes. Enjoy this funny, but ambitious, story about love, politics, flirting, and everything else that makes life interesting.

In Her Pumpkin Patch: A Holiday Romantic Comedy

In Her Pumpkin Patch: A Holiday Romantic Comedy (The Svensson Brothers Book 3)

Alina Jacobs

Penny has moved back to her hometown after failing to make it as a journalist in Manhattan, and she is getting ready for her favorite day of the year – Halloween. Her new boss, Garrett, is a billionaire whom her mother wants her to write a tell-all book about, and he hates Halloween. Between tricking him into giving her enough information to write her book and trying to make him love Halloween as much as she does, Penny is one busy lady, and you’ll be left guessing how the story will end.

Penny also has other things on her mind, like the mean girl from high school who is now her mean coworker, the ghost in her rental home, and her tricks to keep Garrett providing fodder for her book. Follow her in this adventure to see how it will all end.


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