Best Audiobooks for General Knowledge – Top 15 Options

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Thinking of going on a show like jeopardy or just want to improve your general knowledge? Check out our picks for the best 15 audiobooks for doing just that….

Best Audiobooks For General Knowledge

The Second Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know is (Still) Wrong

The Second Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is (Still) Wrong

John Lloyd

If you think you know who made the first airplane flight or how much water you should drink every day, you’re probably wrong. Indeed, not only is this book an enjoyable read, but you’ll likely be surprised at the number of things you thought were true, but really aren’t. If you love to show off your knowledge or simply want to learn the truth behind many of today’s prevalent myths, this book is for you. Learn what happens to a tooth if it’s left in some Coke overnight, or which of the people in your corner of the world is most likely to kill you, plus dozens of other interesting tidbits that can make you feel much smarter after you read this book.


The Fun Knowledge Encyclopedia: Trivia Bill’s General Knowledge, Volume 1

The Fun Knowledge Encyclopedia: The Crazy Stories Behind the World's Most Interesting Facts - Trivia Bill's General Knowledge, Volume 1

Bill O’Neill

If you’re a trivia nut, adding this book to your collection is a smart idea. It gives you tons of trivia and keeps you interested in the lesser-known facts about the world. Why are hurricanes named after people? What happens to luggage if it goes unclaimed at an airport? These and other questions drive some people crazy, and if you’re one of them, here is your chance to get the answers so that you can show off to your friends. Not just trivia, but also interesting facts are included in this great audiobook, making it a fun way to pass the time when you’re traveling or relaxing at home.


100 + 1 Trivia Questions with Interesting Facts: General Knowledge

100+1 Trivia Questions with Interesting Facts: General Knowledge

Michael Harris

In Australia, there are three times as many sheep as people. Name a famous actor who spent time as a lorry driver, a model, and even a coffin washer. Name a country that has the highest number of castles per capita. If these facts are unfamiliar to you, this audiobook is for you. With tons of interesting facts and trivia that are much more fun to learn than any pub game or official trivia game, the book is entertaining, interesting, and even educational! In fact, you can even use this book to start up your own trivia game between friends and family, it’s just that useful. It is also the perfect audiobook to take along with you on the next long road trip.


Nazar Santoro

If you have an itch to learn all you can about the world, you’re going to need a little help, and this book can give it to you. Filled with a thousand or so facts that you likely won’t find anywhere else, it provides information that will let you hear, “wow, really?” every time you let out one of these interesting tidbits. In fact, the tidbits have been hand-picked so the listener is both educated and entertained, so whether you want some interesting facts to show off to friends or to help you the next time you enter a bar trivia game, this audiobook is perfect, and it is certain to never disappoint.

Trivia and Fun Facts for Kids

Trivia & Fun Facts for Kids: Tricky and Funny Questions for Children. General Knowledge and Interesting Facts

Innofinitimo Media

This audiobook consists of questions that stimulate your mind and help you think, and it is filled with riddles that center around science, animals, cities and countries, sports, math, cartoons, history, and many other areas that are of interest to both kids and adults. The book includes not only riddles, but lots of Q&As so that kids of all ages can learn a lot from it. If you have young children or even teenagers and you’re trying to get them away from video games and electronics, this audiobook can be a great alternative. Not only will they learn new things and increase their brain power, but both kids and adults will have a lot of fun in the process.


Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry Into Knowledge

Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge

Jeremy Narby

Contrary to what many people in the West believe, independent intelligence is not unique to human beings. In fact, many lifeforms have this type of intelligence, including animals, plants, and even bacteria, and the author introduces this concept in an easy-to-understand manner so that it is even fun to hear about and to learn. In the book, he uncovers intelligent behavior in the world we know and love, as well as provides answers to how humans might use this information to develop a more sustainable way to live. The audiobook may sound complicated, but instead it is interesting and informative, and it is definitely one book you won’t soon forget.


Scott Matthews

If you didn’t know the reason why Lego heads have holes in them or what mosquitoes do to you before they fly away, this audiobook is for you. It will give you so many facts and fun tidbits that you’ll enjoy listening to the book over and over again for many years to come. Covering areas such as space, economics, and human anatomy, these informative and fun-to-know facts will both educate and amuse you, but most of all, they’ll make you glad you purchased this book. Perfect because it gives you a way to show off to your friends and maybe even win that next trivia game at the pub, this audiobook proves that “knowledge” is power and provides you with enough of that knowledge to last for a very long time.

1000 Random Facts Everyone Should Know

1,000 Random Facts Everyone Should Know: A Collection of Random Facts Useful for the Bar Trivia Night, Get-Together or as Conversation Starter

Tyler Backhause

If you’re a trivia buff, you need this audiobook. Some of the many tidbits it provides include why the first pair of high heels were worn and by whom, how many pounds of meat the typical wolf can eat in one sitting, what the vintage date on a bottle of wine really indicates, and how much saliva your mouth produces each day. These bits of information may not be listed on your next high-school or college exam, but they are a lot of fun to learn and can help you relax as well. If you love to brag about your knowledge or you’re preparing for your next trivia contest, you need this audiobook. It is interesting to listen to, and with 1000 facts included inside the book, you’ll never run out of things to talk about after you get to the end.


The Great Book of 1980s Trivia

The Great Book of 1980s Trivia: Crazy Random Facts & 80s Trivia (Trivia Bill's Nostalgic Trivia Books, Volume 1)

Bill O’Neill

Whether it’s huge hair, MTV, the most popular toys and games, or the 1986 Space Shuttle disaster, most people remember the 1980s for its unique culture and fashion and its dynamic effect on everyone who grew up during this decade. This audiobook goes into detail on all these things and much more, including Michael Jackson and Madonna, the development of the daytime talk-show genre, the computer revolution that featured Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and the attempt on the life of a U.S. president. If it happened during the 1980s, it is included in this book, making it the perfect book for both people who are curious about the decade and those who wish to relive it. It is a truly unforgettable trivia book.


The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories from American History

The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories from American History

Dave Anthony

If you’re looking for general information about the outrageous, weird, and downright absurd, this audiobook will provide it to you. These are stories you will never hear in history class, but they make for a very educational and stimulating experience because they cover stories about people and events that are taken straight from American history. The Kentucky Meat Shower, 10-Cent Beer Night, and the Jackson Cheese are just a few of these stories, but every time you hear one of them you’ll be anxious to move on and listen to the next one. Take a listen and enjoy the ride with this great audiobook!


Michelle L. Fischer

Perfect for field trips or family get-togethers, this audiobook contains more than 700 bits of trivia related to the movie business, and it is perfect for people of all ages. If you didn’t know that Leonardo DiCaprio’s father is a comic book writer, not to worry because this is one of the many interesting tidbits you’ll find in this book. The trivia are only related to 21st century movies, so the audiobook is especially interesting to young people, but everyone will appreciate what they learn from listening to the book.

Random Facts: 1869 Facts to Make You Want to Learn More

Random Facts: 1869 Facts to Make You Want to Learn More

Nazar Shevchenko

Whether it involves sports, celebrities, or history, it is interesting to learn general information about a variety of topics, and that is exactly what this audiobook offers. Filled with more than 1500 tidbits and pieces of information that will likely surprise you, it is a fun way to spend time with family and friends or spend time alone just relaxing. The more you listen, the more curious you’ll become about what you’ll learn next, and it makes a great way to pass the time both at work and at home.


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